Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Food Review: Mischief Us Gelato

A few weekends ago, my sister and I visited an outlet selling gelatos located in the neighbourhood of Tampines. Being a sweet tooth person, I was really excited to have some gelatos! The gelatos at Mischief Us were freshly homemade every day.

Numerous gelato flavours available at Mischief Us but they only produce 20 flavours randomly on each day, so it isn't that you step in you will definitely get the flavour you want.

Price ranges:

The place was cosy enough to enjoy the warm afternoon enjoying the cold gelatos. Mischief Us also has this stretch of whiteboard for people to doddle on, with whiteboard markers provided. The whiteboard created an interesting stretch of art wall. I am so amazed with others' drawing talent.

We ordered Affogato which has a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso. I find the vanilla gelato smooth and milky in taste and the espresso brewed just right. I truly enjoy this vanilla gelato which goes so well with the bitterness of the espresso.

We also ordered a cup of Latte. The Latte tasted average but the latte art was pretty to admire.

We ordered their Belgium waffle topped with a scoop of Bubblegum flavoured gelato and New York cheesecake gelato. The gelatos were pretty average. If only their New York cheesecake gelato has more cheese to it and their bubblegum flavoured gelato didn't taste like strawberry ripple ice-cream, I might have appreciated these gelatos more.

Nevertheless, their Belgium waffle tasted so good that I will return for more. Highly recommended to try their Belgium waffle.

We tried their Baileys gelato in which light amount of Baileys could be tasted.

We also tried a few other flavours; Salted Caramel, Pistachios and Dragonfruit.
Salted Caramel gelato tasted so much like a combination of salted popcorn and caramel popcorn, a mixture of saltiness and sweetness. It just tasted better with each mouth.
The Pistachios gelato tasted too strong and concentrated, not to our likings.
The Dragonfruit gelato tasted very much like the real fruit itself except this gelato is a sweeter version and the seeds had been blended into fine bits.

We tried the Durian gelato and Ferreor Rocher gelato too. The Ferreor Rocher gelato tasted very much like the Ferreor Rocher chocolate except that this Ferreor Rocher gelato has a stronger hazelnut taste than chocolate. Nevertheless, Ferreor Rocher gelato is still worth trying.
The Durian gelato is also a must try! You get real durian bits in the gelato but of course, good quality durians would taste much better.
Can you see the bits of durian in it? 

Blk 801, #01-261 Tampines Avenue 4 
Singapore (520801)



They are open everyday from 12pm - 10pm.

Try them and I hope you will like the beverages and gelatos at Mischief Us!

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