Monday, April 1, 2013

Event and Review: Talika Lipocils & Black

Talika takes its legendary Lipocils range one step further for those who want to look their best while waiting for their natural beauty to emerge. It promised users longer, healthier lashes in 28 days.

On one side, the classic conditioning formula grows lashes naturally longer and fuller; on the other side, the keratin-simulating mascara provides instant results. This new Talika Lipocils & Black comes in a re-formulated water-proof mascara.

Talika Lipocils & Black comes with a double sided wand. Apply the Lipocils treatment to cleansed lashes first to stimulate natural lashgrowth. The legendary formula for the natural eyelash growth contains 12 botanicals that that stimulate growth up to 2.5mm in just 28 days. 
I have been applying Talika Lipocils treatment on my lashes for approximately 3 months. On my initial stage of use, I did not observe any difference to my lashes. Furthermore, frequent late night sleeps caused my eyes to be rather dry and itchy the next day, and I experienced frequent lash falls as I rubbed my eyes, resulting in spares lashes left. However, I continued to apply Talika Lipocils treatment to the roots of my lashes and recently, when I took photos of my lashes, I realised that my lashes had grown quite thick and long.

After applying the Lipocils treatment, the next step is to apply the Black mascara which contains exclusive mascara formula to instantly dresses lashes in rich black colour, and stimulates keratin synthesis and lengthens lashes.
The mascara coats the lashes to make them appear thicker and longer and it is waterproof, hence I won't have to worry about staining my eye area when rubbing my eyes. This mascara worked to lengthen, volumise and instantly enhance bare lashes.

Directions to use:
Each morning:
1. Apply Lipocils treatment to cleansed lashes.
2. Apply Black mascara when desired.
Each evening:
1. Cleanse lashes
2. Apply Lipocils treatment to cleansed lashes.

During the event, I have had my name engraved onto my personal Talika Lipocils & Black.

During the event, we also also treated to yummilicious cupcakes. Cupcakes are my favourite!

Talika Lipocils & Black is designed for all who want longer, darker, thicker and simply divine lashes.
You just have to use Talika Lipocils & Black every morning and Lipocils every evening to get your desirable results.


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