Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Vita Green Lingzhi (纯野生五色灵芝)

For people who sleep late at night, yet have to wake up early in the morning for work, sometimes you may find yourself being tired and lethargic, Vita Green Lingzhi is here to help you.

For people who have weak immune system and find yourself falling ill easily, Vita Green Lingzhi is here to help you.

For people who are facing the threat of aging/premature aging, Vita Green Lingzhi is here to help you.

Read on to understand more about Vita Green Lingzhi.
For 10 years, Vita Green Lingzhi has had been #1 Best Selling Lingzhi product in Hong Kong, and I believe Vita Green Lingzhi won't be popular for no reason.

Lingzhi belongs to the basidiomycotina class of fungi and it is the rarest and most precious Chinese medical herb. Legend describes Lingzhi as the "Spiritual Essence" and it is rated a superior type of Chinese herb said to provide energy, restore sensitivity, promote blood circulation, improve complexion.

Vita Green Lingzhi is made up of 6 different colour Lingzhi. Each colour of Lingzhi serves different function and benefit in our body.

Researchers found that Lingzhi contains high content of Germanium, Complex Polysaccharides, Polysaccharide Peptides and Triterpenoids. All these substance are known to be effective for strengthening the immune system and restoring normal bodily functions.
Vita Green Lingzhi Capsules are made from 100% wild Lingzhi harvested in the natural forests of China which is darker in colour, stronger in aroma and harder than cultivated Lingzhi.

Vita Green Lingzhi Capsules are suitable for all ages, male or female and can be consumed over an extensive period of time. It can be taken for preventive purposes or for restoration purposes. Long time consumption can lead to good health and longevity. 

Vita Green Lingzhi Capsules come in a tightly sealed bottle containing 72 capsules in it.
You can consume 1 to 2 capsules daily depending on your needs.

My thoughts:
  • Vita Green Lingzhi comes in an easily consumed capsule form which is perfect for people who did not like the bitter taste of TCM. After consuming the capsule, it did not leave any bitter taste lingering in my mouth or throat.
  • On my first consumption of 1 Vita Green Lingzhi capsule, I could observed immediate results. Just a single capsule was sufficient to make me feel the different. I consumed a capsule in the morning when I was still feeling sleepy and in a half awake state. After consuming Vita Green Lingzhi, I felt more alert and energetic. At work, I find myself more focus and efficient as I work with a more alert mind.
  • As I continue consuming Vita Green Lingzhi, I also realised that my immune system improved. I recover from my flu and cough within a week's time which would usually drag up to 2 to 3 weeks if I've not consumed Vita Green Lingzhi.
  • For improvement of skin's complexion, I think it's still too early for me to determine its effectiveness. However, it is said that Vita Green Lingzhi is proven to help in anti-aging and reducing age spots, so for people facing such issues, you might want to give Vita Green Lingzhi a try.

For now, I am sure that I am going to continue consuming Vita Green Lingzhi.

If you are interested too, Vita Green Lingzhi is available in Guardian--introductory offer $109 usual $129.


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