Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask

Hi everyone, today's post will be about For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask. If you have read reviews about this mask but unsure on whether to try it or not, my review might help you make your decision.

For Beloved One facial mask is said to work like an all-in-one solution to moisturise, repair and brighten your skin. This facial mask is thickest, yet it has the thinnest fiber, making it closest to skin structure. It received the most recommendation from Celebrity, Experts and Doctors.

For Beloved One facial mask is very much thicker than regular facial masks but it is well-soaked with essence.
Remove the plastic from both sides of the mask and place the wet side of the mask on the skin.
I find For Beloved One facial mask too thick and inflexible, hence it is difficult to arrange the mask and make it fit properly on my face. I also realised that areas near the nose and lip were not in contact with the mask. Although the mask feels a little heavy on my skin, but it did not slip off my face as I move about in my house. But honestly speaking, I would still advise users to lie down when having the mask on to prevent the mask from weighing the skin down due to gravity pull. 

After placing For Beloved One facial mask on for 15 minutes, I removed the mask and noticed a more radiant, fairer and hydrated skin. In terms of the hydration level of my skin, For Beloved One facial mask isn't of much difference as compared to those regular hydrating facial masks but for this facial mask, moisturise got locked in my skin for a longer period of time, keeping my skin hydrated for up to 4 days before I need to use another piece of For Beloved One facial mask.

Truly speaking, I love For Beloved One facial mask for its effectiveness but at the price of S$21/piece, I do not think that I am ready to invest my money on it yet since I still have many facial masks at home and my other facial masks are working well on keeping my skin hydrated too.

Hope this review has been useful for you! :)

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