Monday, March 4, 2013

Event: Lovemore Private Event at Oasia Hotel (Doodle Cafe)

Lovemore celebrates their 2nd year anniversary, welcoming more masks with refined ingredients, and a new member has also been introduced to Lovemore family – Jiro Wang (汪東城) at Oasia Hotel (Doodle Cafe).

The event features the celebration of the launch of more new upgraded masks as well as the joining of Jiro.
The different ranges of masks added to Lovemore facial masks family!

Lovemore always promises to give us women the best ingredients in their masks and they have even refined the quality and texture of the mask material to allow our skin to maximize the absorption of all the best ingredients in the masks. Thank you Lovemore for always being so considerate towards us ladies!

If you are wondering what do "High Moisture", "Deep Hydrating", "Skin Friendly" and "High Penetration" mean, you can find out more below.

Here's the full name of SYN HYCAN if you are wondering what this ingredient is?

Below are some information of the masks that were newly introduced by Lovemore which I have tried and simple adore the results obtained from using them.
Snail mucin has been widely known for their healing properties and using this mask with the ingredient added  to this mask is definitely much better than placing real, living snails on our faces.

I love this Gold Pearl mask for giving me a much fairer and radiant looking skin after use.

For the Taiwan mask, their masks are made from silk and in this range, I love their Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask and Loofah and Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask. The silk made mask material is so thin that I could see my skin through this mask and I don' feel much weight on my face when using this mask.

From the My Melody range, I love both masks from this range. The 3D cut of this mask makes the mask fits nicely on my skin, giving perfect coverage for all parts of my face. The results seen on my skin after usage always never fail to make me go "WOW!" It is just so amazing and I love it so much!

During the event, we also tried some food from Doodle Cafe. The food there is super delicious! 
I love their blueberry cheesecake, pizzas and carbonara spaghetti. Yum, yum, yumsss.... 

Lastly, I shall end the post with some photos taken with my blogger friends. :) 
Valerie, Me, Min Ru, Yvettia.

Thanks for reading this post. Give these new Lovemore masks a try and hope you love them as much as I do!

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