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Review: APIVITA Herbal Creams, First Aids for All Skin Needs

First Aid Creams
First aid in the daily problems of the skin

I was invited to APIVITA's media event some time back as APIVITA introduces a new line of therapeutic herbal creams said to work for all skin needs and for every day use.

Each product is based on the unique healing properties of propolis or of the plants. Each product contains the maximum and optimum number of active components (hydrophilic, lipophilic) to maximize the effectiveness of using different formulations of the plant:

Infusion: Flowers or leafy plant parts are immersed in hot water for 10 minutes. They are then removed through filtration and the infusion is received.

Extract: Soaked flowers, leaves and / or the stem of the plant in an aqueous solvent (glycerol, glycol, water) and leave for a specified period. Then the plant is removed and the plant extract is received.

Oil: Soaked flowers, leaves and / or the stem of the plant-based oil (eg. almond oil, sunflower) for some time. Then the plant is removed and vegetable oil is received.

Tincture: Soak dried or fresh herbs in alcohol solution and leave for a specified period. Then the plant is removed and the plant the tincture is received.

Essential Oil: Obtained from the flowers, leaves, the roots of the plant by distillation or mechanical release. Received materials are mainly aromatic and volatile active ingredients of the plant.

These creams with healing herbs are dermatological tested, pleasant to use with lightweight texture.

WITH : Physical composition of 95-97% from 6 vegetable oils, 8 herbal extracts, 3 tinctures, 10 essential oils, 4 vitamins, 4 infusions of plants, 11 hydrating-soothing ingredients.
FREE of : Parabens, Propylene glycol, paraffin, silicone, ethanolamines, color, aroma

1) Cream with Hypericum:
My thoughts:
I tried this cream with hypericum on my cracking dry skin and I'm surprised to see that my skin heals up pretty fast in just a day and the light-weighted texture of this cream makes it comfortable to be applied on my skin as it does not give me any greasy or sticky feeling. It also works well in soothing my easily irritated, red looking skin.

2) Cream with Eucalyptus: 
My thoughts:
I've recently caught the flu bug and it feels really terrible to have either running nose or blocked nose. I gave this cream with eucalyptus a try by applying it from my neck down to my upper chest area and within seconds, I could feel a mild heat flowing inside me that helps to ease those terrible feelings I got due to flu. It helps to unblock my nose and I don't have to breathe through my mouth anymore. I can even sleep through the night without having to keep waking up to blow my nose. This cream with eucalyptus is my fave for now.

3) Cream with Propolis:
I have not tried this yet. I'll share my review at a later date.

4) Gel with Arnica:
My thoughts:
I am prone to mosquito bites and I don't know why mosquitoes love my blood but I am sure to hate the itchiness that comes after those mosquito bites. I can't stand itchiness and I tend to scratch till the skin tears. Bur I am glad that now I have gel with arnica to my rescue. This product helps to stop the itch and after a few minutes, the swell on the skin reduced, and it also helps to soothe the redness of the swelling. After using APIVITA gel with arnica, I realised that brown scars which I got from previous mosquito bites lighten and new mosquito bites didn't leave my skin with pinkish brown scars anymore.

5) Cream with Calendula:
My thoughts:
I've tried this product too but the results I observed were quite similar to cream with hypericum, so I'm unable to differentiate their uses and to tell which is better.

If you are interested in getting your hands on any one of the herbal creams, it can be purchase at APIVITA stores in Singapore (APIVITA ION Orchard or APIVITA Vivocity).

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