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Food Review: Have a Sticky Good Time at Morganfield’s!

American barbeque restaurant, Morganfield’s, has been wowing BBQ ribs lovers since landing on Singapore shores 4 months ago. Going to great lengths to choose the right ribs Morganfield’s, using their special slow smoking technique, turns them into juicy, off-the-bone tender BBQ ribs – ribs that have been making Singapore crave for more!

I had my dinner at Morganfield’s few weeks ago and the drink that I had is called Berry Easy (S$9.90), a mixture of black grapes, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.
A glass full of anti-oxidants to end my day of work. The drink tasted really good but the downsides were the size of the blended ices because I don't like to chew on ice, and the presence of grapes' seeds in this drink. I wonder why they didn't remove the seeds?

This February, Morganfield’s is bringing back a crowd favorite – family-style sharing platters. Whether you are celebrating love, friendship or family togetherness, let Morganfield’s make it all sweeter and a little bit Stickier for you!

Get ready to get your fingers sticky with the following hearty specials when you Dine-In from 1st to 28th of February 2013:

Introducing NEW! Honey Rum Sticky Bones
For a limited time only, guests ordering either the Couple Combo or Family Platter can opt for a newly created Honey Rum sauce on their ribs*. Made with sticky honey, juicy pineapple and Bacardi rum, this special sticky-sweet BBQ sauce is definitely going to make your meal one to remember!
* Available as a choice of sauce, along with our regular Hickory BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn and Spicy Tuscan, for Sticky Bones and Baby Bones for the Morgan’s Couple Combo or Morgan’s Family Platter set

Morgan’s Couple Combo (for 2 pax) - $49.90 ++
• For Him: Half Slab of Sticky Bones with choice of sauce
• For Her: Baby Bones (baby back ribs) with choice of sauce
• Served with choice of 3 sides
• Comes with Free Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert

I love Morganfield’s sticky bones! The meat is so soft that it could easily be separately from the bones and the meat melts in my mouth! The flavour is just so heavenly and the after taste lingers in the mouth, making me want to have more! I love the burnt part as it tasted so much like our Singapore specialty, Ba Kua!

Their French Fries were awesome too! I love their big sized French Fries such that I could taste the potatoes with every mouth of French Fries.

The Baby Bones that we had that day was coated with Honey Rum sauce and the sauce tasted like a mix of Honey with BBQ sauce. I love the degree of sweetness of the Baby Bones as it adds flavour to the meat yet not too sweet to turn us off. The Baby Bones tasted as heavenly as the Sticky Bones. I highly recommend you to go for it!

The dessert that comes with this set meal is the Chocolate Lava Cake.

I love the warm Chocolate Lava Cake as it is so soft, moist and highly chocolatey taste. It isn't too sweet and it does not stuck on our teeth. The strong chocolate taste is sufficient to make us keep wanting to have a next mouth of it. I love the Vanilla ice-cream too as the Vanilla taste is just right. It does not taste too milky and it isn't too sweet. It is a definite perfect match with the warm lava cake.

Frankly speaking, I really like this Morgan’s Couple Combo very much and I will definitely go back with my sisters or friends for more of this. It is also valued for money with the huge portion that's good to share among 2 to 3 ladies.

Morgan’s Family Platter (for 3-4 pax) - $99.90 ++
• Half Slab Sticky Bones with choice of sauce
• Half Chicken with choice of Honey Stung, Tequila Spiked or BBQ sauce
• 250g Sirloin Steak
• Served with choice of 4 sides
• Comes with Free Dessert Platter of Apple Pie, Brownie and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream

My favourite for this dish is still the Half Slab Sticky Bones. I've never taste Sticky Bones as good as Morganfield’s in Singapore. Super love it that I will give 5 out of 5 stars for this.

We had Half Chicken with choice of Tequila Spiked. The taste of Tequila is very mild that we could hardly taste it. We could just smell a very mild Tequila scent but the chicken  meat is worth going for because the chicken was cooked just nice, not the bloody type and the meat is so soft, tender and juicy.

There was also steak but I find the steak a disappointment. I love eating medium-cooked steak but the steak that they served us was quite bloody and a little raw that I find it difficult to saw the steak and to chew it. If you would like to order this combo set, do remember to tell the waiter/ waitress that you want a medium-cooked steak.

For sides, we had sweetcorn, cauliflowers and mashed potato. I love their sweet corns and cauliflowers! Their cauliflowers were boiled soft enough and fragrantly cooked. Their sweetcorn were sweet, buttery and juicy, every mouth is full of the buttery sweetcorn taste. I love buttery sweetcorn! For mashed potato, I didn't find anything special to mention about it.

For this combo set, it comes with a Dessert Platter of Apple Pie, Brownie and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

The crust of the Apple pie was really good, and for the filling, there were cubes of apples mixed with cinnamon. The degree of cinnamon taste reminds me of McDonald's cinnamon melts and the cubes of apples tasted like McDonald's apple pie. You imagine a mix of McDonald's cinnamon melts and McDonald's apple pie, and you will understand the taste. For me, I think the cinnamon is a little too strong, if they can go easy on the cinnamon added, I would really love this Apple pie.

The Vanilla ice-cream tasted the same as the Vanilla ice-cream we got from the Chocolate Lava Cake and I like it very much!

The Brownie tasted all right. Love the denseness of the cake but the level of chocolatety taste is definitely not comparable to the Chocolate Lava Cake. Chocolate Lava Cake is also more moist than this Brownie. I'll give this 2.5 stars out of 5.

A shot of me with a satisfied tummy look. Haha.

A little more information of  the Special deals at Morganfield’s.

For Valentine’s Day, Thursday 14th February – have a Sticky Valentine’s Day Set Dinner at only $48.90++ per pax. Guests can customize their own set menus from starter to beverage.
Morganfield’s Valentine’s Day Set Dinner Menu (available after 5pm – 14 February)
• Starter of Lobster Bisque or Prosciutto Caesar Salad.
• Choice of Mains:
o Half Slab Sticky Bones - $48.90++,
o Baby Bones (Baby Back Ribs) - $48.90++,
o Seafood Basket - $48.90++,
o Tequila Spiked Chicken - $48.90++, or
o UPGRADE OPTION: 250g Wagyu Rib-Eye - $68.90++.
• Special Valentine Dessert
• Choice of Beverage:
o Free Flow of Soft Drinks,
o A pint of Draught Beer, or
o A glass of House Wine.

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, Unit #02-23 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 3635
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat-PH-eve 11am-Midnight
No of seats: 180 (120 indoor, 60 al fresco)
Accepted Payment: Cash, Nets, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, JCB
Corkage fee: S$25 per bottle

Enjoy your sumptuous and definitely tummy-filling meal at Morganfield’s comfy environment! :)

Signing off with our group shot!


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