Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Street Directory Bloggers Event at Loola's Awfully Chocolate

Last year, I attended Street Directory Bloggers event held at Loola's Awfully Chocolate. It's the first bloggers event that Street Directory organised and I felt really honored to be invited.

The whole Loola's Awfully Chocolate venue was booked specially for this event. Thank you Street Directory for making us feel special ! :)

Upon entering, there were goodie bags prepared for us with our names on it. There's also props and backdrop for us to snap away. How thoughtful !

The tables and chairs were specially arranged and Street Directory have also prepared cupcakes for us! So sweet of them!

There were also balloons on the ceiling. The colours of the balloons represented the colours of Street Directory.
The whole place felt so comfortable.

Invited bloggers were treated to a meal and dance performance at Loola's Awfully Chocolate.

For starters, we had Appetizer Board Platter, consisting of Spiced Pumpkin Soup, Grilled Freemantle Octopus, Loola's Salad and Serrano Ham.
I love drinking Pumpkin Soup. The added spices into this Pumpkin Soup made its taste more flavorful and unique, and I finished up the Pumpkin Soup.
I love their Grilled Freemantle Octopus too! It tasted so fresh and easily chewed. The octopus tasted so good that even till today, I can remember the taste of it. For Loola's Salad and Serrano Ham, there's nothing special about them. Salad tasted like the mix of raw veggie and Serrano Ham was too salty for my liking.

We were also served drink, which we could choose either Cumulous or Lychee Rose Sparkle, and I chose the latter. 
Lychee Rose Sparkle tasted like rose syrup mixed with soda drink with a canned fruit lychee added into it but it is really a nice drink.

For the mains, I chose Miso Barramundi with Soft Poached Egg. 
I find the shape of the egg interesting as it looks like Xiao Long Bao but the egg was a disappointment because I was expecting a soft yolk but it turned out to be a fully cooked egg. The Barramundi fillet was cooked just nice but the fish's skin was a little hard.

Lastly, we had the Dessert Platter, which consists of Mocha Poppers, Loola's Brownie and Hei Ice Cream.

The name of Mocha Poppers sound really nice and I thought there would be surprises since it's called Poppers but nope, no surprises. The taste of Mocha Poppers is pretty average as I could taste only chocolate, not mocha. 

I love the taste of Loola's Brownie. The cake is slightly dense and full of chocolate taste and there's also cinnamon added to it. I love the mix of cinnamon and chocolate. This brownie is rather sweet, so it's definitely a thumb up for a sweet tooth person like me.

Lastly, it's the Hei Ice Cream. I love the strong chocolatey taste of the chocolate. Although the chocolate taste is strong, but it does not make the ice cream tastes bitter. Thumbs up for this ice cream which I would definitely be back for more. 

That's about it for the event. 
Thank you Street Directory once again for arranging a special evening for us.

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