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Event: Neogence's Pore Solution Series

Living in a tropical zone, the hot and humid weather makes our skin get oily gloss easily and results in pore blockage. The pores then become bigger as cornification takes place, resulting in facial problems like heads or acne. According to statistics, during the hot summer, acne and pimples are the biggest skincare problem, even more worrying than skin whitening concerns of Asian women.

To fight the problems that most Asian women would face, Neogence launched their brand new Pore Solution Series, and I was invited to the event which was held at Food For Thought.

A shot with Kiyora, Representative of SaSa Cosmetics who invited me to this event.

Here's the full range of Neogence's Pore Solution Series. 

Neogence's Pore Solution Series has four skincare steps: recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving heads, and rebuilding pores. By controlling sebum excretion, it solves the cornification problem and at the same time improve pore conditions. The Pore Solution Series is dedicated to improving the skin and removing the oily sheen problem.

Professional dermatologist Dr. Hung Chin-Chun was present at the event to share with us more about Neogence's Pore Solution Series.
Dr. Hung Chin-Chun was telling us that when the skin secretes too much sebum, it blocks the areas around the hair follicles. Mixing with old horniness and dirt, it results in further pore blocks and when the body excrete sebum unsuccessfully, it produces white head and black head. The blocked sebum will enlarge the pores, and cause them to become less elastic, and finally creating pock marks, and even pus pocks, which results in troublesome skin problems. But not to fear, because Neogence's Pore Solution Series is going to help us combat the problems of clogged pores and acne.

Neogence's Pore Solution Series can be divided into Daily care and Special care. Special care means we don't use the product on a daily basis.

Dr. Hung Chin-Chun also introduced the different active ingredients in the Pore Solution Series which fulfill the four skincare steps: recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving heads, and rebuilding pores

1. Recuperating sebum: effective oil-controlled formula, deeply constrain 5α-reductase's validity, reducing the activity of the sebaceous gland, in order to keep oil levels controlled over time. 
 Active Ingredient: SEBARYLTM、EVERMATTM 

2. Dissolving heads: an oil-soluble and water-soluble complex acid which can soften horniness rapidly, accelerate excretion of old horniness; can also effectively dissolve blocked heads. 

3. Controlling Germs: a regulating extract to control germs in order to continuously narrow pores; a regulating antibiotic to prevent acnes and pimples. 
 Active Ingredient: O-CYMEN-5OL 

4. Rebuilding pores: helping enlarged pores to recover their elasticity; strengthening and tightening enlarged pores. 

The first product to use is the Pore Purifying Cleansing Gel.

Mild cleansing of dirt, improving oily skin 
 Alkaline-Free and Oil-Free Formula, mild cleansing 
 Deeply cleans pores, and removes dirt 
 Easy wash gel, skin becomes soft and fresh
Key ingredient: Allantoin

The second product to use is the Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum.
Three functions: Oil-control+ Rebuilding + Reducing, Pores and Smoothing Skin 
 Strongly control oil , avoid pore enlargement 
 Witch Hazel Extract + B3 - Calm and Reduce Pores 
 LARCYL® :Tightens and Narrows Pores, Improving Enlarged Pore Problems
Key ingredients: Sebaryl, Evermat, Larcyl, Vitamin B3, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract

The third product to use is the Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel.
Long-term Oil-Control, Let the Skin Be Fresh All Day 
 Strengthen oil-controlled formula to Control Sebum Secretion, Improve Glossy Problems 
 Oil Free and Moisturizing, Leaving you Super Fresh All Day 
 Witch Hazel Extract Calm and Sooth Pores
Key ingredients: Sebaryl, Evermat, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Tornare.

Dr. Hung Chin-Chun taught us how to massage our face when applying the Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel so as to aid the absorption of the product and to promote blood circulation. 
First you dap some of the product on your forehead, cheeks and chin. 
Next, do the up-down massage on the forehead with your knuckle.

Do the inverted V shape massage on the cheek area with your knuckle. At the upper cheek area, do the inverted V shape massage from the front to the back of the cheek. Do the same from the middle and lower cheek area.

Do the round, C shape around the mouth area with 2 fingers.

For the leftover product on your hands, do the V shape lift with your fingers from the lower part of the cheek area upwards.

The last product to use is the Extremely-Off-Heads Serum.
Unique pore purifying formula, cleans and removes acnes 
 Complex Acid can dissolve acnes 
 Double efficiency in oil-controlled formula, maintain sebum excretion 
  Witch Hazel Extract, astringent pores
Key ingredients: Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract.

The Extremely-Off-Heads Serum can be applied to the nose using the up-down motion. Dr. Hung Chin-Chun told us that this product can be used 2-3 times a week. Dap the serum onto the nose area and rub gently for 3-5 minutes or at least 30 seconds so that the skin and soften and it would be easier to get the white/black heads out.

Dr. Hung Chin-Chun told us that after using Neogence's Pore Solution Series, we will be able to notice these results:
1. Lesser oil secretion.
2. Skin appears less shiny.
3. Pores appear smaller.
4. Skin less prone to white/black heads and acne.

There are other ranges Neogence products which you can find at SaSa Cosmetics outlets.
(Click on the image for larger view.)

We were also treated to yummilicious food at Food for Thought. I love the Grilled Calamari, Chicken Sausage & Capsicum Skewers, Ginger Poached Prawn with Kaffir Lime Mayo, Mini Butterscotch Profiteroles, Apple Crumble Shooters and their Cappuccino. My mouth turns watery again as I think about the food.

Neogence's Pore Solution Series can be purchased at SaSa Cosmetics Outlets in Singapore. I highly recommend their Extreme Pore Reducing Serum as it works in minimising the appearance of our pores and hydrate our skin! :)


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