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Event and Reviews: Mary Kay TimeWise® Plus+™ at Café de Jardin

We all know skin will age, inevitably. What if, now, there’s a chance to give the skin a second chance to act like it did when it was younger?
Developed and designed to help promote skin’s youthful appearance and bring back its resilience and vibrancy, Mary Kay unveils its latest exciting scientifically innovative skin care TimeWise® Plus+™ !

I attended the event held by Mary Kay at Café de Jardin.
I love the display of the rabbit plush toys at Café de Jardin!

Upon entering, I saw a huge range of Mary Kay products on display at the side, together with those adorable rabbit plush toys. The whole display looks so attractive and cheerful!

From left to right, there's the Satin Hands Pampering set.

There's a huge rabbit plush toy beside it and I can't resist having a shot with it.

Before the presentation, we were told to grab some food so that we can relax and fill our growling tummies while listening to the presentation. How thoughtful of the team! :))

Saw rabbit plush toys having high-tea! So adorable!

My fave is the mini smoked duck burger from Café de Jardin. Love the juiciness and flavorful smoked duck. 

Soon, we had the presentation by Mary Kay representative. 

We were introduced to the Mary Kay TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ skin care which consists of :
1. Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum, 30ml 
 2. Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream, 15ml

TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ skin care is the latest scientifically innovative skin care from Mary Kay, developed to minimize advanced signs of aging and help skin recapture its youthfulness. 

The Regena-Firm™ Complex contains: 
1. Plant Stem Cells that help protect the integrity of the skin matrix, the source of skin firmness*. 
2. Tripeptide-1, biomimetic peptide that helps support processes critical for skin repair*. 
3. Hyaluronic acid boosters* that help provide youthful skin volume and lift. 
*Based on invitro testing of key ingredients.

Firstly, let me tell you more about Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum.
Info: Twice a day, let the lifting begin with the all-new Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum which helps provide youth-restoring firmness, volume and lift so facial contours look defined. Lifting lasts throughout the day. Skin looks years younger, firmer and toned. 

  • Helps jawline area appear lifted
  • Helps define and perfect facial contours
  • Firms and tightens sagging skin
  • Helps reverse loss of cushion
  • Provides lifting that lasts throughout the day
  • Neck area looks firmed, lines and wrinkles look softened
  • Immediately doubles skin hydration 

Women love Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum†! 
 During a 4-week independent consumer study, a majority of women agreed that this lightweight serum felt luxurious, reduced the look of crepiness in the neck area, transformed the appearance of skin texture and helped skin look years younger. Here’s what else they said: 
After 1 week†:
 • Helps provide a noticeable lifting sensation: 80% 
• Helps replenish skin moisture: 88% 
 After 2 weeks†:
 • Helps jawline area appear lifted: 78% 
• Helps define and perfect facial contours: 81% 
• Firms and tightens sagging skin: 82% 
• Helps reverse the loss of cushion: 79% 
 After 4 weeks†: 
• Provides lifting that lasts throughout the day: 82% 
• Neck area looks firmed: 79% 
 †Results based on a 4-week independent consumer study. The percentages reflect the number of women who agreed with the statement.

My thoughts:
I can't express how much I love the light-weight, watery texture of this intensive serum! Although this product is called intensive serum, but it's texture is not at all too thick or harsh on a less than 30 years skin, and it worked awesomely well in helping to balance the moisture level of my skin, hence reducing the amount of fine lines I have on my skin. After application, my skin definitely felt smoother and more moisturised. I tried this intensive serum on my neck, and I am glad to observe tightening results and fading of lines on my neck. I love the packaging as well because this product comes with a pump, it helps to ensure the freshness of the product lasts longer and it's more hygienic. I've not experienced any unpleasantness on my skin during my period of use.

I'm happy with this product and it retails at S$195 which is quite pricey, but I don't mind getting it again.

Next, let me share about Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream.

Info: Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream targets the signs of advanced aging in the eye area. Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream takes caring for the delicate eye area to an entirely new level. It’s an eye cream like no other. Plus the eye cream packaging includes a sculpted tip that can gently massage tired eyes.

Helps eye area look more lifted
Helps reduce puffiness
Minimizes the appearance of deep lines
Minimizes dark circles
Firms sagging skin around eyes
Provides moisturization for 12 hours

Women love Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream†!
Women who used this soothing eye cream during a 4-week independent consumer study overwhelmingly agreed that it minimized eye area crepiness, that skin looked resilient, and that it effortlessly melted into skin and provided long-term moisturization. Here’s what else they said:
After 1 week†: 
• Helps eye area look more lifted: 79%
• Helps reduce under eye puffiness: 78%
• Helps minimize crow’s feet: 75%
 After 2 weeks†: 
• Minimizes dark circles: 83%
• Firms sagging skin around eyes: 80%
• Minimizes appearance of deep lines: 79%
 After 4 weeks†: 
• Eyelids have a less hooded appearance: 81%
• Eye area appears dramatically younger: 76%
• Helps repair skin’s appearance: 94%
• Skin regains youthful resilience: 86%
 †Results based on a 4-week independent consumer study. The percentages reflect the number of women who agreed with the statement.

My thoughts:
The eye cream comes in a white cream texture. It has a light texture that's easily absorbed into the skin. After application, I do notice slight lightening of lines under my eyebags and lightening of dark circles. I was told that the cooling feel of the metal tip makes the eye area feel relax and helps to reduce eye puffiness and I love the cooling feel from the metal tip, but I feel that it's unhygienic and might contaminate the remaining product, hence I didn't use the metal tip again after the first time. Even though there's a reduction of fine lines and dark circles, but my eyes still looks little puffy. Maybe it's because I didn't use the metal tips to massage my eye area? I'm not sure.

It retails at S$105. 

Next, we were introduced to the Mary Kay Hollywood Mystique Collection.

Here's the swatch of the eyeshadow quad.
My thoughts:
The colours look pretty but not intense enough. I have to layer a few times to bring out the colours.

Next, is the eyeliner which comes in 2 colours; black and turquoise. 

My thoughts:
The eyeliner comes with a small, little handy brush. The bristles of the brush are rather firm, making the application of the eyeliner smooth and easy. The eyeliners are waterproof and can only be removed using makeup remover.

The swatches of the black and turquoise eyeliners, and the lip colour.
My thoughts:
The lip colour comes in a pretty pink shade and the colour do last on the lips. It is advisble to apply lipbalm before using this lip colour to prevent drying of lips.

Lastly, ending off with a photo with my blogger friends at the event.

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