Tuesday, January 29, 2013

APIVITA Special Treats for Him and Her this Valentine’s Day

APIVITA believes Valentine’s Day is about setting time aside for your loved ones. This year, APIVITA has created the perfect gifts laced with the goodness of natural, effective and holistic treatments to set your loved ones in the perfect mood to indulge, pamper and relax.

The APIVITA gift sets contain selections from our range of beauty and wellness products with ingredients including Propolis, Honey, Essential Oils and Greek Herbs. Enjoy a savings of 10% against regular retail price with the five (5) gift sets readily packed for you to take home to that special someone.

I love me! 
Thyme Honey, Rose Soap, Mini Rose Soap
The Apivita honey and rose gift set is a gift full of love as it cares and nourishes from inside and out. In addition to being nutritious and healing, Thyme honey is a powerful antioxidant studies have shown it to have strong anti-cancer properties. Natural Rose soap contains rosehip to protect the skin with antioxidants whilst providing anti-wrinkle action.


Pamper HIM with Love! 
Men’s Hair & Body Wash, Men’s Hair Loss Treatment, Natural Soap with Propolis

The perfect pampering gift for a man. Apivita's men's hair and body wash with cardamom and propolis deeply cleanses the skin with natural cleansing agents. Propolis and licorice regulates oil and wheat proteins maintain health and moisture of hair and skin. The hair loss treatment with lupine and rosemary increases density of hair with rosemary, ginseng, and vitamins, and propolis helps regulates oil production. Cardamom and thyme essential oil helps uplift mood and distress. Natural soap with propolis deeply cleanses pores and regulates oiliness, while providing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti- bacterial property, ensuring men's skin hygiene. 


Pamper HER with Love! 
Pink Clay Mask, Intimate Daily Cleansing Gel, Moisturizing hand cream with Jasmine & White Tea
A special gift set for the woman that enjoys pampering herself. The Pink clay mask gently cleanses pores without irritating the skin, while rose juice and wheat proteins tones and rejuvenates, leaving the skin glowing and fresh. The Intimate Daily cleansing gel contains propolis, chamomile & lavender essential oil to help protect and sooth the intimate area, preventing pathogenic micro-organisms growth, aswell as lavender essential oil, which offers a sense of freshness. Apivita's moisturizing hand cream with Jasmine and White Tea preserves moisturize and prevents the skin from drying with aloe, honey, beeswax, natural oils and butters. Vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 nourishes and strengthens nails. 


Shower Your Love with Honey and Roses! 
Natural Soap Rose, Body Relax Body Milk with Vanilla & Honey, Lip Care Honey
Let Honey and Rose show you "I love you". Natural rose soap contains rosehip which protects the skin with antioxidant and moisturizing properties while providing anti-wrinkle action. Body Milk with Honey and Vanilla contains honey, olive and almond oils, and cocoa butter to nourish the skin and preserve its elasticity. The addition of Vanilla & Ylang Ylang essential oils help calm and relax the senses. Finally, care for your lips with a 100% organic, Bio-eco certified honey lip balm with honey, beeswax, olive oil, vitamins A & E to restore dry, cracked lips, moisturize and protect from environmental toxins and irritations. 


Be My Honey! 
Natural Soap with Honey, Body Relax shower gel with Vanilla & Honey, Lip Care Honey
Sweeten your Valentine's Day with honey with Apivita's exclusive Valentine's day Be My Honey! gift set. Apivita's Natural Soap with Honey contains honey and lavender essential oil for a hydrating and anti-inflammatory cleansing action while calming the senses. The "Body Relax" shower gel with Vanilla and Honey contains Saponaria, a mild cleansing agent to deeply cleanse the body, Honey and Cocoa butter enhance skin elasticity, Propolis which provides anti-oxidant protection and vanilla essential oil for calming and relaxing effect. Care for your lips with a 100% organic, Bio-eco certified honey lip balm with honey, beeswax, olive oil, vitamins A & E to restore dry, cracked lips & prevent environmental damage 


These gift sets are lovingly prepared in Valentine’s-ready boxes, and are especially tailored for both men and women. 
Available for purchase at APIVITA ION Orchard #B3-45/46 and VivoCity #01-04 from 25 January 2013.

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