Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: DASODA SJ Volume & Long Mascara

Tried a mascara of a Japanese brand called DASODA and I love it! This item makes the application of mascara so easy and stain-free!
DASODA SJ Volume & Long mascara helps to transform the lesser and thin lashes into thick, rich, dense and long lashes with one application

The brush also catches ample fiber and applies evenly, creating rich, dense and long lashes as it layered over.
The brush picks up optimal amount of the mascara, so there won't be excess mascara staining my eyelids. The shape of the brush also makes it easy to apply to the inner corners of the eyes without staining the eyelids. It enables the lashes to be coated from the root to the tip without much difficulty.

DASODA SJ Volume & Long mascara is fragrance-free and it contains treatment ingredients to protect the lashes and accentuate the lashes to make them more defined.

This mascara is made with waterproof formula that quickly dries and resists tears, perspiration and water to provide long-lasting finish. 

I've put this mascara to test under running water.
The mascara did not run or smudge under running water. However, when in contact with water, the fibers soften and can be easily remove with rubbing. This mascara can be easily removed with lukewarm water. This mascara is great for people who wants mascara that last through the day, and enables fast removal at the end of a long, tired day.

Here's my bare lashes, and I'm going to show you how DASODA SJ Volume & Long mascara helped me to lengthen and volumize my thin lashes.

I've applied 3 coats to my lashes to get the results shown below.
DASODA SJ Volume & Long Mascara dries very quickly within seconds, and I could open my eyes almost immediately after application. The mascara coats the lashes very well and it has visibly enhanced the length of my lashes.

The volumizing effect is good too as I could easily notice my lashes after applying DASODA SJ Volume & Long mascara. The most amazing thing is that it doesn't makes my lashes feel heavy. You will love it too after you've tried it.

DASODA SJ Volume & Long Mascara retails at S$25.90, exclusively at SaSa.


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