Sunday, December 2, 2012

Interview with Mrs. Wee, CEO of WaterSource

Recently I got to know an amazing lady, Mrs. Wee, and she is the person who introduced WaterSource Luxury Korean Chlorine Removal Aromatherapy Shower head to Singapore. Her family started falling ill with cancer, and it motivated her to start up a company called Evergreen Health.

Under Evergreen Health, is a brand called WaterSource which focuses on water ionizers and health related products. The water ionizers produce alkaline water that is not only good for cooking, cleaning and drinking, it also enables to live healthily just by drinking Alkaline water.

Other than managing her companies, she is also involve in charity. She hopes to reach out to underprivileged cancer children that cannot afford water ionizers, and would love to give them away through her Save The Child Project.

It is my privilege to be given the opportunity to interview Mrs. Wee, and below were the interview questions and replies.

Q1: Did your company came up with the technology to product alkaline water?
Mrs. Wee: Our partners have been studying water for 20 over years, and we use our experts to source the best and Eco friendly features which are also excellent health standard products. E.g. Our filters are special as we added in higher grade phi ceramic so it 's cost a bit more than other countries, but it is necessary.

Q2. How is alkaline water proven to be good for humans body? What kind of benefits can we get out of drinking alkaline water?
Mrs. Wee: Since 1965, alkaline ionized water is the only water endorsed by Japanese and Korean (1970) governments as healthy improving water. WaterSource ionizers are registered in Korea as a medical device to have clinically proven medical benefits.

Studies have shown that the body thrives in Alkaline Cellular Functional Water and it combats acidosis, which has been linked to many degenerative diseases. It moves easily within the cellular matrix of the body, helping with nutrient absorption and waste removal within 30 seconds, and the water consists abundance of negative ions and it supplies 10 thousands time potency of antioxidant than vitamin C, heightening immune function. It also contains ionizer minerals to improve metabolism to burn off accumulate fat and gives us energy, helping our systems to function at an optimum level.

"Many symptoms of disease are the first sign of the body needing adequate amounts of water. Some of the symptoms of inadequate water intake may include headaches,back pain, joint aches, dry skin, allergies, heartburn,constipation, and memory loss" Dr. Don Colbert, Md.

Q3. How much alkaline water can we consume in a day?
Mrs. Wee: Studies have shown that a healthy person must drink 5% of their body weight. People with chronic diseases should drink up to 10 % of their body weight.

Q4. Understanding that WaterSource produces Aromatherapy Shower Head, so if we accidentally consume water from the Shower Head during shower, is it safe?
Mrs. Wee: We used food grade Vitamin C so it safe if we accidentally consume some during showering.

Q5. What make WaterSource products costly ? The technology in it or other reasons? Can it be made more cost- friendly?
Mrs. Wee: We used the biggest top medical grade expansive Titanium Plate coated 10 times with platinum to ensure long term stabilized supply of healthiest water.This is necessary otherwise like other brands other than WaterSource, they can only last from few month to few years. It does not function well and they do not notice it is very bad!

We have the only high technology TM-PI feature ceramic filter made by costly special bio-soil that contains our body's required minerals and together with fermentation of good total microorganism, they produce Resonance Frequency to remove bad memory and restructure water back to healthy hexagonal Pi water.

Customers can opt to pay by interest free credit card installment plan or choose our economic MQ model, which used patented natural way filtration system which can also provide relatively good alkaline antioxidant water to maintain better health.

Q6. How has WaterSource contributed to the society in one way or another?
Mrs. Wee: We are always willing to help those poor and sick people in need. We contribute free ionizer to help them improve and maintain good health, and recover their working ability.

We have an ongoing campaign called "Save the Child Project" which is co-supported by our company and a group of philanthropists who have learnt the benefits of cancer patients drinking alkaline water and is looking to donate WaterSource alkaline ionizers to help them fight cancer. We donate WaterSource alkaline ionizers to children with cancer but their families are not financially strong to purchase the alkaline ionizers. We would like to spread this word out there to help children to fight cancer and help them to have the best of health after drinking WaterSource Alkaline water!

The act of Mrs. Wee is indeed touching! And if you are also interested in getting WaterSource alkaline ionizers to improve your health, you might want to visit the website

Thanks for reading.

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