Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Food Review: Yummy Green (Downtown East)

Had lunch at Yummy Green on a fine afternoon at Downtown East E!hub #02-112. 

Although I've been to E!hub several times but I didn't know there's a vegetarian eatery located in E!hub. The name of the place -- Yummy Green gives me no information that this eatery sells vegetarian foods. 

Although the exterior isn't attractive and the outlet is quite small, I do like the comfy, relaxing feeling inside the restaurant.

The Menu looks simple on the outside but when you open the folder, there's just too many dishes of vegetarian food that we didn't know how to choose. I hope there are ratings like "Chef's Recommendation", "Must try" or even logo like a thumb up or a Chef's cap so that it will be simpler for customers to decide what to order. In the end, we let the Boss of Yummy Green decide the dishes to serve us.

Below are the dishes that the Boss recommended.

Mushroom Soup, S$2.50.
Was happy to see chucks of mushroom inside but the soup is quite a disappointment as it's quite bland in taste and not creamy enough. My preferred choice would be a thick, creamy mushroom soup.

Spicy Yaki Niku, S$8.80.
This Bento set looks presentable and appetizing. The spicy mock beef is nice but the spiciness isn't distributed properly, so only some pieces of the mock beef has the slight spiciness. I like the rice and tofu the most, especially the tofu, so soft and smooth.

Fish and Chip Set, S$8.50.
This dish looks appetizing but there's nothing much to expect from the fish because it just tastes like eating soy bean fiber. The baked beans and fries turned cold too fast and didn't taste good when they are cold. 

Chicken Mushroom Rice, S$7.00.
I love eating Baked Rice but this would have tasted better if the rice wasn't so dry and if it is cheesier.

Tori Karage, S$5.80.
Love this dish because the mock chicken is fried just nice and it is so crispy! Furthermore, the taste of the soy bean fiber isn't so strong, plus it's texture is closer to real chicken. 

Yaki Tori Satay, S$5.80.
This dish is not my choice after tasting so many dishes made of soy bean fiber. The taste of soy bean fiber is so strong for this dish, and compared to the previous dish, this dish didn't have the chicken like texture.

Veggie Tempura, S$5.50.
After taking so much mock meats, having this veggie dish makes the veggies taste so good. But for the "prawn", it just tastes of dough and flour and quite tasteless.

Agedshi Tofu, S$4.20.  
This dish is the best! The tofu taste is so nice and when mixed with the sauce, it becomes flavourful and appetizing to the taste-buds. Love the softness and smoothness of the tofu. Fantastic dish!

It is an interesting experience for me to try Japanese and Western foods prepared the vegetarian way, and I am sure to be back for more of their Agedshi Tofu and Tori Karage.


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