Monday, December 10, 2012

Estée Lauder Flagship Boutique

Great thanks to Brandstory babes for inviting me to Very Estée, Very Beautiful, the Grand Opening of Estée Lauder New Flagship Boutique at TANGS Orchard. I had to opportunity to witness the unveiling of the new Estée Lauder Boutique to herald a new era of luxury retail therapy, and also got up close with the new hi-touch boutique before it is open to public.

I'll bring you on a journey to explore the new Estée Lauder Flagship Boutique which is designed to instill today's woman with a sense of beauty, modernity, quality and confidence in a sanctuary where women can discover, learn, trial and fall in love with Estée Lauder's innovative and technologically advanced products.
Estée Lauder TANGS Store

Some of the features at the new boutique include:

1) Global Best Sellers Wall
It displays bestsellers from various countries which gives you an idea of Estée Lauder's flavourite products among the ladies.

2) 360 Degree Bar
You can find almost all kinds of beauty products at this area. Check out the photos below.

3) Skincare Discovery Bar
You can find a wide range of skincare suitable for your skin at this station. You can even use the iPads at this station to design and find the skincare suitable for your skin.

4) Re-Nutriv Oasis
A place for you to try out the different Estée Lauder products in a relaxing environment.

Illumination - Brand General Manager of Estée Lauder Singapore, Jo Yong, Head of TANGS Stores Singapore, Juliet Ting-Willcox, Senior Vice President of Estée Lauder Companies Asia Pacific, Mark Loomis, President of Estée Lauder Companies Asia Pacific, Fabrice Weber, Managing Director of Estée Lauder Companies, Grace Ban and Vice President/ General Manager of Estée Lauder Companies Asia Pacific, Justin Boxford
The Illumination announced the launch of this comprehensive, all-in-one Boutique that's ready to serve you and offer you an amazing experience while shopping.

Have fun at Estée Lauder Flagship Boutique!

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