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Déjàvu Matte Make-up and WOW Lashes Event and Reviews

Déjàvu's brand concept: Déjàvu is a collection of quality-guaranteed, highly functional cosmetics that meets your unmet needs. 

Various Déjàvu products were introduced at the event and since the title of this event is Matte Make-up and WOW Lashes, this event definitely is something related to the skin and the eyelashes but let's read on to find out more about the products.

One of the products introduced was Déjàvu Minipact which comes in Natural tone and Bright tone.
Déjàvu Minipact works as a makeup retouching and refreshing powder. Apply it over faded makeup for an instantly reset, morning-fresh look.

Looking at the model's photo below, her right face with the Déjàvu Minipact applied on made her skin looked refresh and the colour matched her skin tone perfectly. Déjàvu Minipact comes in 1-shade-fits-all colour.

Déjàvu Minipact's Soft Cushion Powder is so fine that it fills in and adheres to the skin where makeup has faded or where the skin tone appears uneven. Déjàvu Minipact has light coverage and it gives the natural look yet it's able to covers pores and give a translucent finish!

Looking at the model's skin under light, the pores on the right side of her face were less visible than the left.

Déjàvu Minipact's Auto-Shine Powder absorbs skin oil which causes makeup to fade and radiates a flawless, smooth complexion that lasts for hours!
Another plus-point is that Déjàvu Minipact has SPF31 PA+++ to give its users the additional protection against Sun's rays.

Another product introduced was the Déjàvu Control Serum
Déjàvu Control Serum is a de-oiling beauty cream that works as "invisible oil-blotting paper" with just one application in the morning.

1. Use as makeup base for smooth non-shiny skin
Contains an active oil clearing Silica that soaks up excess oil like a sponge. Adheres naturally and comfortably to the skin for all-day non-shininess and preventing make-up run.
2. Continual usage everyday prevents the need for cosmetic touch-up
This works using the proprietary "Oil Clearing" mechanism that help maintain the oil-water balance. Continued everyday use prevents the need for cosmetic touch-up. It contains Rosemary extract for smoother make-up application and has full moisturizing effect even for those areas where oiliness is a major problem.

Déjàvu Control Serum can be applied on both day and night. Applying in the day makes Déjàvu Control Serum soaks up all the oil on the skin and makes the makeup last longer. Applying in the night makes will gradually help your skin to be less reliant on control serum for mattifying result.

After we have a well prep skin, it is time for us to think about our eyelashes. For many ladies, we always hope for thick, long eyelashes which can help to enhance our appearance, and hence, Déjàvu produced the Lash Serum.
Déjàvu Lash Serum contains Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Mallotus philippinensis bark extract which give the eyelashes intensive repair for longer, thicker eyelashes. Déjàvu Lash Serum also contains Glycosyl trehalose which is a moisture coating formula for instant fullness and sturdiness of the eyelash.

With the design of Déjàvu Lash Serum, it helps to serum to be applied to the very root of the eyelash with the skin-friendly brush-tip bud. It completes the eyelash care all the way from the root to the very tip.
Déjàvu Lash Serum is to be used in both day and night. Here's the effective way of using the product to get the results:
1.Using the white bud of the brush-tip, apply to above and below the very base of the eyelashes (much as if you were applying eyeliner). 
2.Fully coat the whole eyelash, gently brushing upwards, as if applying mascara.

After applying Déjàvu Lash Serum, we can now apply eyeliner followed by mascara.

Déjàvu has 2 ranges of eyeliners: Déjàvu Lasting-fine eyeliner and Déjàvu Perfect Liner. 
Déjàvu Perfect Liner comes in liquid type whereas Déjàvu Lasting-fine eyeliner comes in "Twist-up type" with soft pencil lead which needs no sharpening at all but be careful not to twist out too much of the pencil lead or it can be broken easily.

Déjàvu Lasting-fine eyeliner comes in 3 different colours and the colour difference is more visible on the eyelid.
Déjàvu Lasting-fine eyeliner gives highly defined eyes all day long with silicone fixative that provides super holding power. Lines can be touched up and/or softened before the fixative dries.
Déjàvu Lasting-fine eyeliner resists oil, perspiration and tears for a long-wearing rub-resistant finish. Lines can be touched up and/or softened before the fixative dries.
Déjàvu Lasting-fine eyeliner can be easily removed using regular cleanser.

Both Déjàvu Lasting-fine eyeliner and Déjàvu Perfect Liner were used on the model to create the effect of bigger eye.

Déjàvu Perfect Liner is the only liquid eyeliner under Déjàvu. It is waterproof and resistant to oil, perspiration and rubbing. 
Déjàvu Perfect Liner is designed to dispense a fixed amount at all times, so the formula glides on smoothly without smudging or cracking. It has quick dry formula, so the lines won't smear even if you open your eyes immediately after application. It is able to be removed with warm water or use ordinary cleanser to wash off. 

For mascara, the 2 most popular Déjàvu mascaras are the Déjàvu Fiberwig Extra Long and Déjàvu Lash Knockout.
Déjàvu Fiberwig Extra Long has fibers that adhere onto lashes to create lashes longer than actual length
This upgraded Déjàvu Fiberwig Extra Long has improved fiber adhesion which makes the fibers adhere onto lashes more easily with the enhanced adhesive strength. The more you apply, the more fiber-rich film adheres to the tips of your lashes, making them longer and longer. 
The formula goes on smoothly without clumping, making your own lashes look naturally longer. 
The liquid forms a film and encapsulates lashes, so you won't get Panda-Eyes!
The brush of this mascara fits at the base of the lashes, allowing the fiber-rich film to be generously applied onto each lash.
The film dissolves in warm water so it can be easily slid off, preventing damage to your own lashes.

Déjàvu Lash Knockout is designed to increase the volume of the eyelashes
This is a film type mascara in which the liquid dries to form a sleek thick film that encapsulates each lash for impact volume. 
The formula dries fast, so volume can be quickly and easily increased. 
The newly developed Volume Styling Brush certainly separates each lash, carrying a generous amount of the formula between grooves onto lashes thanks to the wide fan shape. 
The formula forms a film that resists oil and sweat, preventing smudging even when you use eye drops. 
The film comes off easily by gently and thoroughly moistening your lashes with warm water, preventing damage to your own lashes.
Looking at the model's lashes you'll be able to understand how Déjàvu Fiberwig Extra Long and Déjàvu Lash Knockout work in lengthening and volumizing the lashes.

Here's an opportunity for you to win $150 worth of Déjàvu products!

Lastly, I'm going to share about the Hatomugi Lotion
Hatomugi Lotion has various used and I love using it to calm down my red skin. I tried it on my hand at the event and I'm surprised that the redness on my skin toned down so much after a few minutes, and my skin definitely felt much hydrated. I love this product so much ever since the day I used it.

Hatomugi Lotion is a definite must have for me now!

That's the end of the post. Thanks for reading this really long entry.

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