Thursday, December 20, 2012

Customize Your Chocolates with Cocoa B!

I came across an online brand called Cocoa B ( and the one thing that attracted me to this brand is that Cocoa B allows customer to customize chocolates in just 3 simple steps: 

1. Choose your choice of chocolate bar (either white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate)

2. Select your toppings from 5 categories

3. Make payment and your creations will be delivered / mailed to you.

Customizing chocolate is suitable to create uniquely tasted chocolates for personal consumption and also presentable to be given as gifts to families and friends. You will never know the taste of the magic you have created till you try it. Every creation is full of mysteries and surprises! :)

I created 3 different chocolates for myself using white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
The heavenly scent of chocolates make my heart melts when I took out the chocolates.

Check out the beautifully designed chocolates created by me!
The chocolates look really eye-catching and appetizing. I can't wait to bite a piece of the chocolates and let the chocolates fill my mouth.

For Milk Chocolate, I added oreo pieces, choco candies, pine trees icing and sea salt.

My first impression when I saw this chocolate: 
The Christmas season with everyone (all the choco candies and oreo pieces) coming together, full of joy and laughter and vibrancy. The pine trees icing makes me think of beautifully decorated Christmas trees around us and the sea salt looks like snow.

My thoughts: 
There's a mix of 3 different chocolate tastes from the chocolate bar, the choco candies and the oreo pieces which is quite tasty. The surprises come when I get bitter, sweet and salty sensations in my mouth. It's like a burst of flavours in my mouth and makes me go on for more.

For Dark Chocolate, I added strawberries, cranberries, winter berries icing and X'mas tree icing plaque.

My first impression when I saw this chocolate: 
This chocolate makes me think of dark nights with streets lighted up with red Christmas lighting and decorations, and a beautiful Christmas tree in sight. 

My thoughts: 
This is a highly anti-oxidant chocolate with berries and dark chocolate. I love the bitterness of the dark chocolate which has some sweetness in it. The slight sour and sweet tastes from the cranberries opened my tastebuds and kept making me go on for more. I didn't like the dried strawberries though due to its slight weird taste which is really difficult to describe.

For White Chocolate, I added apricots, bacon bits, chicken floss and cinnamon.

My first impression when I saw this chocolate: 
Summer! It gives me a sunny and bright feel.

My thoughts: 
Hmm.... The taste of the bacon bits is a little too overpowering that it kind of clashed with the sweetness of the white chocolate. The bacon bits combined well with the chicken floss though. All other ingredients went well with the white chocolate and it tasted so good! I love the freshness and sweetness of the apricot. For this chocolate, there is a mixture of smoked, salty and sweetness taste.

You can start creating your own chocolates and see how they taste. You might be surprised by your own creations too!

Check out Cocoa B ( which is great to create chocolates for personal consumption or as gifts. :)


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