Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: PALGANTONG New in Town Jelly Cosmetics

PALGANTONG launched their "Jelly" Collection lately, and I decided to give their Glow Skin Base, Jelly Shadow and Theatrical Cover Pact Foundation a try! 

The first thing that caught my eyes was no doubt, the striking red packaging covered with Victorian style and laces. It's girly, yet classy enough to make me want to own it. And I got my hands on them.

Firstly, let's talk about their Glow Skin Base. This product comes in 2 variants; Aurora Pearl in white and Gold Rush which you see below. This product is able to work like a highlighter, giving the skin glowing appearance. There are 3 ways which you can use this PALGANTONG Glow Skin Base:
1. It can be applied before foundation to improve skin's texture.
2. Over the foundation, applying on areas which you want to highlight.
3. Use it together with BB cream or foundation to brighten the overall appearance of the skin.

PALGANTONG Glow Skin Base comes in a pump-able bottle which is convenient to dispense the product.  It is easy to dispense just a small amount of the product through its tiny hole. The size of the bottle is small and cute.

PALGANTONG Glow Skin Base comes in a cream-type, smooth texture and it doesn't feel greasy on my skin at all. Each pump is full of fine glitters, hence a small amount is sufficient to give the glowing effect on the skin. With the silicon-gel in this product, it helps to mask fine wrinkles and makes my skin feels really smooth after application. The good thing about this product is that it doesn't feel sticky or greasy even after perspiration, and it's pretty long-lasting on the skin. When loose powder is applied over this product, I can still see the glow from the shimmers, making the skin looks as if it is glowing from within. The downside would be the removing process, and only the use of cleansing oil is able to thoroughly remove the glitters from the skin.
As you can observe from the above photo, the skin looks healthy and glowing with the application of PALGANTONG Glow Skin Base.

Next up, let's talk about the PALGANTONG Theatrical Cover Pact Foundation. 
It's Refill and Compact case comes separately.

The Compact Case which comes with an inner mirror.

And this is the Refill, which comes with the cover pact and a face sponge.

At the back of the cover pact foundation, there is glue provided to stick the cover pact to the Case. The glue is very adhesive and once it is stick on, it's very difficult to remove. 

The Cover pact comes in a sleek, black case which is thin and convenient to carry around. The downside is that it is difficult to open the lid as it locks rather firmly.

Here's the swatch of the compact cover foundation. The powder is very fine and smooth and I would suggest applying a base on your skin before applying the powder as I noticed the powder sinking into my fine lines which kind of magnified the lines on my face. The good thing is that the powder doesn't cake and it feels smooth on my skin, giving my skin the airbrushed effect. This compact cover foundation also contains sebum adhering powder which is able to control excess sebum on the skin, but I would recommend reapplying the compact cover foundation every few hours to keep your skin looking fresh. Other than sebum adhering powder, there is also mineral powder, soft powder and nutritional oil to keep the skin moist and give it a natural gloss.

Lastly, it's the PALGANTONG Brilliant Jelly Shadow which comes in four shades; white, gold, pink, blue topaz. The shadow that I have is in blue topaz.
This shadow reminds me of the Kate Cosmetics Gel Eye shadow.

This PALGANTONG Brilliant Jelly Shadow contains abundant moisturizing ingredients to give the eye shadow its elastic texture and it also helps to prevent drying of the eyelids.

Below are the images of the PALGANTONG Brilliant Jelly Shadow taken with and without flash respectively. 
The eye shadow comes in a hoof shape that is full of moist and the texture is soft and jelly-like. The colour is easily picked up with the use of the finger and the jelly-like texture makes it easy to apply onto the eyelids.

Here's the swatch of the eye shadow. It contains glitters of different sizes which helped to brighten up the look of tired eyes. The eye shadow dries up very quickly but not to worry, you can still continue to blend out the colour and glitters using your warm finger. The downside is that the eye shadow isn't very long-lasting and it can be washed off with room temperature water.

Here's the look done with the use of PALGANTONG Glow Skin Base, Jelly Shadow and Theatrical Cover Pact Foundation. Please pardon if you find my skin looking rather porous as I've applied too much of the Glow Skin Base, and those "pores" are actually shimmers.
The turquoise eyeliner and pink lip colour used are MaryKay products.

Various beauty outlets in Singapore such as Sasa do carry PALGANTONG items. You can check out and swatch PALGANTONG items in those beauty outlets.

Thanks for reading.

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