Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: JustUme Your Natural Choice for Inner Cleansing

For frequent readers of my website, you might have already knew that I constantly face constipation issue due to my fast pace and busy work life. I always have to control my bowels till I can find time to visit the toilet, and as time goes by, my constipation problem got worse. I do consume 2 servings of fruits and vegetable everyday but sadly, that didn't help. I have had tried many other ways too but that didn't always give me smooth bowel movement. *Frustration* That was till the point my sister suggested that I shall take diarrhea pills. Zzz.

Before I heed my sis's advise to take diarrhea pills, I came across a brand called JustUme produced by Hi-Beau. 
Initially, I was questioning the effectiveness of this product, and I was thinking... If it really worked for me, how long can the effectiveness last. Once, twice, thrice or always? I tried many other methods and those methods didn't always give me results, and I dislike having a bloated and bulging tummy. It didn't make my physical appearance look good, and with those toxic storing in my body, my skin looks dull and acne-prone.

I have 5 of the 7 symptoms stated below and perhaps JustUme can really help me.

JustUme Fiber Plum comes as a fruit/plum and is targeted for digestion and inner cleansing (promote bowel movement). Made of Japanese Umeboshi Plum, Probiotics and Plants extract, JustUme claims to be a natural choice for those people who experience constipation, poor digestion, bloating, gas, bad breath, poor complexion, water retention and weak immunity. Result is said to be seen within 1-2 days.

After some consideration, I decided to give JustUme a try since the ingredients seem pretty interesting, and I am curious to find out what JustUme Fiber Plum looks like underneath it's attractive neon pink packaging.

Here's the direction of use. Rather simple and fuzz-free as I only have to consume it once a day after my lunch and/or dinner. 

In each individual box, there are 2 pieces of JustUme Fiber Plum. The packaging is sweet looking and it reminded me of Taiwan mochi.

This is how JustUme Fiber Plum looks like. My initial impression was like "Wa.. This thing looks disgusting! Can consume or not? Will it have a weird smell or taste?"

The first thing I did before consuming, sniff it.
No weird smell. Check!
Next, I took a small bite.
No weird medicinal taste. Check!
Tastes good, just like prune, and it's a little sweet. I went on to finish the whole JustUme Fiber Plum, and yum yum. It's really nice! 
There's a prune seed inside, so I guess the prune is coated with all the other ingredients, hence it's unappealing look.

We always consume too much acidic food in our every day life and that's the main reason that caused constipation for most people, but for me, I believe there's more to that. With JustUme, it helps to neturalise the acids in our body, and aids digestion and bowel movement.

The first time I tried JustUme, I consumed it after dinner at approximately 6.30pm, and I was feeling all right the rest of the evening till about 2am, I started releasing stinky gases and stomach started feeling a little uncomfortable. By 2.30am, I rushed to the toilet and had my first diarrhea after 5 days of constipation. After diarrhea, my stomach was feeling much better and I went to continue with my sleep. At 10am in the morning, I started releasing stinky gases and stomach started feeling a little uncomfortable again, and I had my second diarrhea. The third diarrhea came after I had my lunch and the fourth diarrhea came after I had my dinner. The first time I consumed JustUme, I rushed to the toilet and had diarrhea after each meal. I guess I had too frequent toilet visits after consuming JustUme as too much waste was stored in my body during my constipation period. The effectiveness of each JustUme Fiber Plum lasted for a day and a half.
I didn't consume JustUme Fiber Plum every day because I won't have time to keep going to the toilet during working hours, so I only consume JustUme on weekends when I am not going out. The second time I consumed JustUme Fiber Plum, I didn't go to the toilet as many times as the first, but JustUme worked in giving me smooth bowel movement.
Gradually, I noticed that my skin turned for the better. It looks glowing, there's lesser breakouts, and my pores look smaller too.

I am satisfied with JustUme and am happy to make it my natural choice for inner cleansing.

Here's the FAQ which might answer some of your doubts about JustUme.

Priced at introductory price of S$58.90, the product is now sold island wide in Guardian, Unity, Watsons and For more information, please visit or call +65 6515 9818.

JustUme Fiber Plum doesn't come cheap but with it's effectiveness, I am glad to continue consuming it. If you face constipation issue too, you might also want to give JustUme Fiber Plum a try!


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