Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse

Hi everyone, it's mid-week now. How has your week been so far? Soon, with a blink of an eye, weekend will be here again.

In today's post, I am going to share with everyone my thoughts about Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse which reminded me of Clarisonic Mia when I saw it initially, except that Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse is a relatively cost-friendly gadget at a price of S$98, and that means you burn a much smaller hole in your pocket. But before you jump into conclusion about Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse, please allow me to share my perspectives about this gadget.

In general, Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse vibrates at a frequency of more than 300 oscillations per second, effectively cleansing, clarifying & stimulating the skin.

Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse offers:
2x better cleansing 
 8x more exfoliation 
 6x more make up removal 
 50% more absorption 

Sounds amazing, but I wonder what is it compared with to give the result that using Sonic cleanse is better. By the way, it also says that Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse is safe for all skin types, it is portable and waterproof and no charging required. I agree with the points about Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse being portable and waterproof, and no charging is required as this gadget works with the use of two AA batteries, and the gadget being so light in weight makes it easy to be carried around in the gym bag and even for travelling. Plus points for Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse.

In a set of Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse, it comes with a Handle, a Storage Cradle, a Brush for normal skin, a Brush for sensitive skin, a Sponge Applicator, and a Wrinkle Reducer.

In the picture below, you see the Storage Cradle which allows the gadget to stand, a Handle, and a brush for normal skin already attached to the unit. I'm so glad that the brush can also be easily changed with a twist to remove it from the Handle, and the Storage Cradle available makes it's more hygienic as I can leave the Sonic Cleanse standing instead of lying down. Thumbs up on these thoughtful designs.

How to use 
- Remove any eye makeup, if any, by hand before using this device. It is not designed to remove eye make up. 
- Wet your skin with warm water 
- Run warm water on the bristles of the brush head 
- Apply your cleanser to brush head 
- Turn it on and gently apply the brush to your skin. Beginning with your forehead, gently move it using a small circular motion. For sensitive skin, it is better to use the sensitive brush (transparent bristles).

During each use, spend approximately 10 seconds on each cheek, 20 seconds on forehead and 20 seconds on nose and chin area for each function. The whole cleansing step done in just 1 minute. Super fast!

Firstly, let me share my thoughts about this Brush for normal skin
Let's close up on the brush so that you can see the bristles clearer. Personally for me, I find the bristles a little rough and scratchy on my face, so when I use it, I only place it lightly, slightly touching my face and make it quick, or my face would turn rather red and harsh. However, I do enjoy using it on my elbows and knees during shower, so I frequently use it on my elbows and knees nowadays.

Next, I will be sharing my thoughts about this Brush for sensitive skin.
The bristles for this brush are thinner, softer, and it feels much gentler on my skin. I love using this brush on my skin once a week to exfoliate away dead skin. My skin looks more radiant and feels smoother after use. The only problem I faced is that my facial cleanser doesn't foam up properly if I were to apply the cleanser directly on the brush before lathering. My cleanser lathers into foam better with the use of my hands followed by moving this brush in circular motions on my skin. 

This is the Sponge Applicator.
This applicator is meant for applying of moisturiser to the skin using small, circular motions to improve skin's absorption of the moisturiser. The Sponge Applicator can also be used as an Exfoliation Applicator. Apply the exfoliating cleanser on the applicator and gently cleanse the skin in small, circular motions.

In my opinion, I don't find it useful for me as my skin breakouts easily, so I try to minimise on face massages. Moreover, I find it quite wasteful to use the Sponge Applicator to apply moisturiser as I realised the sponge absorbs most of the moisturiser instead of my skin absorbing it. Likewise when I apply the exfoliating cleanser on the sponge, very minimal gets onto my skin. The only thing I like about this applicator is the soft sponge that feels gentle on my skin.

Lastly, this is the Wrinkle Reducer. This item helps to relax facial muscle tension which I agree that it does works. However, regarding the reduction of wrinkles, I'm unable to comment about it as I've not observed any result yet. Not sure is it because I'm not using this Wrinkle Reducer frequent enough. 

Things that you have to note when using Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse:
After each usage, all used applicators need to be cleaned. Clean used applicators with warm water. Rinse thoroughly, squeezing out any excess water. Allow applicators to air-dry overnight, standing upright.
Handle is recommended to be cleaned once a week to remove any residue buildup. Rinse with warm, soapy water and dry.
Brush applicator: 
Brush applicator should be replaced every 90 days. Brushes become exhausted or less effective after continual usage.
Sponge applicator should be replaced every 30-60 days. Sponge will change color or be deformed.
Do not use if you have severe acne, infections, open lesions, wounds or serious sensitive skin disorders.
Do not use if you have recently had cosmetic procedure, microdermabrasion, chemical peel or extreme sunburn.
Do not use on the eyes or the interior of the mouth.
Keep out of reach of children.

If you are interested in getting your hands on Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse, you may purchase them at



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