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Review: BENTA BERRY, Your Skin Is Different

The 1st ever French all natural skin care and fragrance line dedicated to multi-cultural youths aged 12-24 arrives in Singapore!

BENTA BERRY believes that between the ages of 12 to 24, youths' skin is different from that of adults, and necessitates specific treatment. Multi-­cultural and multi-­ethnic, BENTA BERRY is especially developed for the youths because young skin is different.

BENTA BERRY products are made from 100% natural active ingredients. These ingredients come from all over the world and are selected based on ancestral traditions for their effectiveness and cosmetic virtues. These range from organic apples from Normandy, pineapples from Brazil, mangoes from India, cranberries from Quebec to kiwis from China.

BENTA BERRY believes in empowering youths and dispelling negative terms such as acne and blemish. G-1 is BENTA BERRY’s non-invasive special code for the skin regulating range.

In this post, I am going to share my reviews for BENTA BERRY G-1 Regulating Products:
1. BENTA BERRY G-­1 Facial cleanser for girls and boys
2. BENTA BERRY G-­1 Exfoliating facial cleanser for girls and boys
3. BENTA BERRY G-­1 Face cream for girls and boys
4. BENTA BERRY Lip moisturizer

First up, I will share my review for BENTA BERRY G-­1 Facial cleanser for girls and boys.

Product info:
The cleansing gel for oily skin contains burdock, known for its purifying and pore minimizing properties. Mandarin, jasmine, dead nettle and zinc regulate sebum production and ensure clean skin. The formula is suitable for sensitive skin and ensures a smooth, refreshed and radiant complexion.

My thoughts:
BENTA BERRY G-­1 Facial cleanser for girls and boys comes in a white cleansing gel form and it lathers easily but doesn't create a thick foam. After cleansing, it gives a clean feeling on my face but never makes my skin feel tight. This is a pretty good cleanser in my opinion as it feels gentle on my skin and helped to reduce breakouts on my skin. However, the downside is that it is too gentle, so when I use my oil-based makeup remover, I find that I'm not able to thoroughly cleanse off the oil on my skin and had to use a foamier cleanser to thoroughly cleanse my skin. After than that, the cleanser worked pretty well for me and I like it a lot. I also like the pleasant refreshing scent of this cleanser which never fails to calm me down whenever I use it. 

Price: BENTA BERRY G-1 facial cleanser for girls and boys 30 ml costs S$18.90

This is the BENTA BERRY G-1 Exfoliating facial cleanser for girls and boys.

Product info:
A creamy gel exfoliator that gives pores a deep cleaning while leaving skin’s natural defense barrier intact. It contains burdock, which, when combined with jasmine, mandarin and dead nettle calms and clears skin. The peel is also rich in polyphenol-containing bilberry extract which protects against bacteria. Apricot seeds provide the gentle removal of dead skin cells and clogged pores to make it feel free and fresh. Zinc provides a balanced sebum production. The result: skin is soft with a matte complexion.

My thoughts:
This exfoliator feels slight creamy in texture which is haven for my dry skin, helping to moisturize my skin while removing dead skin cells. There are tiny microbeads in this exfoliator and the microbeads are so tiny and fine that it rubs across the skin gently without cutting my skin, which I find it fantastic for thin and sensitive skin. The downside would be that the amount of microbeads is too little, hence I have to use quite a huge amount of the exfoliator for each use. After using it, I love the texture of my smooth and moisturize skin, and I am always looking forward to using it every week.

Price: BENTA BERRY G-1 exfoliating care for girls and boys 30ml costs S$22.90

This is the BENTA BERRY G-1 Face cream for girls and boys.

Product info:
The combination of fruit and plant extracts such as burdock, mandarin, jasmine, blueberry, dead nettle and zinc make this moisturizer an optimal self-protection treatment that prevents excessive oil production. The mix of jasmine, mandarin and burdock clears the epidermis and prevents impurities from causing imperfections. The skin is soothed and mattified, and redness and the appearance of blemishes is reduced.

My thoughts:
Oh my my, I love love love..... this face cream a lot!!! It mattifies my T-zone for many hours and it helped to tone down my skin's redness and most importantly, it helped reduced the number of backheads and breakouts on my skin. However, the downside of this product is that it isn't hydrating enough for my skin, so by the end of the day, I could see by skin looking dehydrated and fine lines were visible. Therefore, I chose to use my hydrating moisturizer first before applying this face cream on my skin.

Price: BENTA BERRY Moisturizing Cream for girls and boys 30ml costs S$29.90

The last product in this range is the BENTA BERRY Lip moisturizer.

Product info:
For smooth, kissable lips this lip balm contains beeswax and carnauba wax. Along with intensive nourishing shea butter and mango extracts, they supply delicate lips with moisture and lipids. Jojoba and almond oil makes your lips incredibly soft. 

My thoughts:
I personally like this lip moisturizer very much as I don't find it sticky or greasy on my lips. This lip moisturizer also gives the matt appearance and feels very light on my lips . It's like as though I did not apply anything on my lips, unlike most lipbalms in the market that gives the glossy shine after application. This lip moisturizer has no scent and taste, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive lips.  

Price: BENTA BERRY lip moisturiser 3.4g costs S$14.90

BENTA BERRY is available for purchase at selected Guardian or from their official website


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