Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Nails in Creation by Mental For Polish

About 2 weeks ago, I visited Mental For Polish to get my nails done. I did acrylic extension for some of my shorter nails and also did gelish manicure. I received many compliments from my family, colleagues, friends, bloggers and PR personnel at events that the design was very pretty. My colleagues were also interested in the ribbons on my nails that they kept wanting to touch it. Haha. ^_^

That day when I first stepped foot into the room, I noticed some changes. Firstly, Shona has a new basket where she placed all the stuffs she needed for manicure including those fake nail extensions (stick-on kind ) into it.

Secondly, Shona has received more certs!!! Happy for her! :) 
Shona is really talented and has great passion in nail arts and nail designs, and she is constantly learning and upgrading herself. I believe all customers would feel that they are in safe hands with Shona being their manicurist. Shona is extremely sure of what she is doing whenever she does manicure.

Thirdly, I thought Shona increased the number of polishes but nope. She just label them clearly. Haha.

Ok, here goes my manicure. I spent slightly longer time at her place this time as she had to help me do the acrylic extension.

First thing Shona did was to trim my grown out cuticles, trim my nails and do filing.

Next, it's time to do the extension! I did not use stick-on extension as that won't be able to last long. Shona had to place the red sticker properly and adjust the shape before beginning with the acrylic extension.

Applying dehydrator and primer so that the extensions will be able to last like adhesive on the nails.

Shona applying the monomer and polymer in order for the acrylic to harden and began shaping my nails meticulously. 

When the nails were semi-dry, Shona helped to clip the nails so that they would have the curve shape just like natural nails.

Acrylic nails were thicker than natural nails, so Shona had to file the acrylic nails to make them thinner and also trimmed the acrylic nails to the right length as the other fingers. 

Applied another base coat and there, my acrylic nails were done! Acrylic nails were crystal clear but it looks fine after applying coloured gel polish.

First coat done was in pastel pink. The pink looks slightly darker on my nails actually.

Soon, Shona was ready to do the designs on my nails.

While she was at it, I was kpo-ing and looking at her nail assignment, and I saw many beautifully designed nails. Next moment, Shona gladly showed me more nail designs she had previously done for her assignments.

Shona continued to add polka dots on my nails. I have been loving polka dots lately. :)

Next, adding glitters to give my nails extra blings! I love bling bling!

Lastly, Shona working on my acrylic ribbon and she's shaping it very carefully. Looking at the ribbon, I thought it would  be easy to make but in actual fact, it is really not easy to shape the ribbon, and Shona did it! WOW~!

Final result on my nails. 

If you would like to let Shona do your nails too, hop on to Shona's blog to book an appointment for manicure or pedicure services. :)


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