Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Interview with CEO of Envizyme, Green Tree Household Cleaning Products

Envizyme, a green company based in Singapore uses recycled raw materials, unsold fruits and vegetables to make natural products without harmful chemicals. Their aim is to develop safe, natural, and environmentally friendly products that are effective and affordable. Envizyme’s Green Tree Series of natural household cleaners retail selling prices are Green Tree Dish Washing Liquid, $7.10, Floor Cleaning Liquid, $11.80, Laundry Liquid, $14.65, Delicate Laundry Liquid, $10.35, All-Purpose Cleaner Liquid, $7.50.

Enviyzme Green Tree Products Features:
• Powerful and effective washing formula
• Made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes
• Eco Friendly & 100% Biodegradable
• Breaks down grease and all organic stains effectively
• No harmful chemicals
• pH balanced
• Gentle on the skin
• Anti-bacterial
• Concentrated formula
• Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly, No Animals Derivatives
• Cruelty Free, No Harming of animals in process
• Conscious Free

I have always been interested in environmental issues and I believe that everyone can do a part to help our environment. Previously, I was working on a project regarding food wastage and I'm glad to see that the CEO of Envizyme, Mr. Roy Kee has taken the initiative to recycle unwanted food and turn them into household cleaning products. 
I had the privilege to interview Mr. Roy Kee to understand more about the brand and about Green Tree Household Cleaning Products .

Q1: How did you realize that fruit acid can be used to create household cleaning products?
Mr. Roy Kee: 
The use of enzymes in detergent is nothing new. Most laundry detergent have some form of enzymes in their formulation. There are more than 10,000 types of enzymes and their power is very specific. At Envizyme, we have the multi-enzyme technology and we are able to make household cleaners with few types of enzymes to improve the cleaning performance. We also ensure that the enzyme-based cleaners can maintain its stability. Natural enzyme has very good de-greasing and deodorizing power. Most of our household or kitchen stains are what we considered as organic stains (such as blood from meat, sauces, fruits & vegetables) and enzyme-based cleaners are very good in cleaning these kind of stains.

Q2: What makes you want to start this household cleaning brand? Do you have any aim or purpose in mind?
Mr. Roy Kee: 
Today we all live in a world that has too much harmful chemicals that come into our daily lives. Household cleaner is a good example. Most people are not aware of the potential harm that these chemicals can do to our body. Our aim is to offer consumers a safer alternative that is both effective and affordable. At the same time, using these Green products will not pollute our environment too. Envizyme is in a Green & Eco-Friendly business, we collect unsold fruits and vegetables from the local wholesale market and recycle them.

Q3: Are the cleaning products organic?
Mr. Roy Kee: 
Our products are natural and can be labelled as organic. However, we have chosen not to label it as organic.  There are only a few reputable organic certification agencies available and they are very costly to do. Ours are not food products and we do not want to increase our cost and in turn pass it down to our consumers. We do have test done at  the PSB lab to show that our products do not contain those commonly seen harmful chemicals in the major household cleaner brands. The law for regulating the use of " Natural " and " Organic " is quite lax and many companies are taking advantage of that to label their products in that manner.  We believe that natural and organic products do not mean that they are safer to use.

Q4: Will these cleaning products be able to thoroughly cleanse off dirt, grease and germs? If yes, how will the products be able to do it?
Mr. Roy Kee: 
Yes, our household products can get the job done quite well and safer for the users and their family. It is not some "miracle" cleaners. It works very well with more than 90% of household stains. However, we can't compare our natural products to harsh chemicals such as bleach and other stronger chemicals (your nose can tell you what are they). Enzyme can breakdown most of the grease & organic stains and it does its job naturally. It may take a little longer but the main idea is that - we can do our cleaning in a safer manner without exposing ourselves and our family to harmful chemicals.  

Q5: Are the cleaning products safe for babies and children?
Mr. Roy Kee: 
Yes, it is safe for use on human (all ages) and pet.

Q6: How far would you see your brand go?
Mr. Roy Kee: 
For products, we will be introducing a series of other household related items such as Fruits & Vege Wash and Hand Sanitizer. On the body care range, we will also be launching shampoo, shower gel and facial wash. A baby range is also in our product development plan. Our major challenge is the education on our consumers. 

After this interview with Mr. Roy Kee, I can feel his determination in promoting eco-friendly and safe products to the masses. I hope everyone can support this eco-friendly brand which is less harmful on us and on our mother Earth as well. Start doing your part for the environment, and who knows, you might love using Green Tree Household Cleaning Products after you have tried them.


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