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Event and Review: FANCL Ballet of Beauty

Weeks ago, I attended an event organized by Brand Story and FANCL, called FANCL Ballet of Beauty in which the Japanese leading beauty brand shared its MUTENKA (無添加) beauty secrets under the blanket of starry-eyed sky. Established on the unique philosophy of MUTENKA, this holistic approach to beauty advocates a lifestyle that is fresh, pure and safe - one that is pared down to the essentials, free of additives and stressful elements.

The event was held at Bistro Soori.

During the event, we were introduced to their skincare range, which are FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil, FANCL Facial Washing Powder, FANCL Lotion, FANCL Milky Lotion, and FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack.

We also had an opportunity to do a skin analysis. 

When I saw my skin's moisture level, I was so surprised! My skin used to be very dry and I remember when I had my skin's moisture level test at Bio-essence's event,  my result was less than 30. I guess it must be the FANCL Hyaluro Premium which I'm taking that worked.
Although my skin's moisture level increased but when my skin was magnified under the skin analysis machine, my skin tone is a little uneven.

Soon, the event was about to begin, and everyone had a sachet of Calorie Limit to consume before having our dinner.  

Dinner was heavenly and pretty sinful with all the good food, but we don't have to worry as we had Limit Calorie. Cool!

Crispy Skin Tuna, Wasabi Mayo, Trout Roe.

Foie Gras Duo, Brioche, Poached Pear, Gastrique

Baked Chilean Sea Bass, Spinach, Tomato, Soy
This is my favourite dish! The fish tasted so fresh and smooth, and the tomatoes are super juicy as they bursted in my mouth. Love the sauce too! Aww... My mouth is watering again just thinking about this dish. 

Almond Milk Panna Cotta, Blueberry Gastrique, Lemongrass Syrup

This dessert is awesome too! Super love it!

While we were happily having our dinner and chatting away, the lights were suddenly dimmed and someone pointed towards the glass window, and we saw a ballerina standing in a graceful posture outside! She then entered and performed a ballet dance for us.

Next, we were introduced to the effectiveness of FANCL skincare and the steps to use them. The ballerina was the model.

First product to use was FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil.
This makeup removal dissolves the dirt in pores, clearing even the most stubborn of grime in one rinse and one minute without leaving any oily residue. Dubbed the “Perfect Blend Oil”, the additive-free Mild Cleansing Oil protects and retains skin’s natural moisture. The unique formulation features the ideal blend of oils for the easy removal of long-lasting makeup like foundation, stubborn silicon-based mascaras and lip colours. Enriched with gentle yet effective Meadow Foam Oil extracted from Meadow Foam seeds, it aids in removing keratin plugs which clogs up the skin.

Added to the special blend are Green Tea Leaf Powder Extract (also known as Camellia Sinesis Leaf Powder Extract), which helps remove free radicals on skin surface, and anti-inflammatory Rosehip Oil to facilitate smooth application with minimal friction. Over time, you’ll notice a clearer, smoother and more radiant complexion, with skin well prepped for the rest of your skincare routine.

I personally swear by this cleansing oil to remove all my stubborn makeups and it feels gentle on my skin too.

Ballerina with her makeup thoroughly removed by FANCL cleansing oil.

Price: S$33 for 120ml.

Next product to use is the FANCL Facial Washing Powder.
Formulated with Advanced Amino Hybrid Technology, FANCL Facial Washing Powder creates a dense, creamy foam to gently lift excess sebum and impurities from skin while retaining skin’s essential moisture. This gentle facial cleanser will leave skin feeling soft, smooth and supple after each wash.

Jane showed us how to lather the washing powder into foam. Basically, for foams to form, air is needed, so after adding some water to the powder, rub till slight bubbles are formed then do the folding method, lift up the foam and fold, lift up the foam and fold, and you will get a creamy foam wash. It's really easy to create foams with FANCL Washing Powder. Or you can create the foams with a washing net.
The foams feel so dense, just like a sponge on the skin. The foam removes dirt and impurities on the skin quickly and easily. I love how smooth my skin feels every time after using FANCL Washing Powder. When using, just have to smooth foam over face and massage with a gentle upward movement, and you will find your skin feeling clean but not tight after that.

Price: S$26 for 50g

Next, it's time to apply the FANCL Lotion.
FANCL Lotion protects the skin from daily stress factors such as UV rays and dryness. It restores skin’s natural functions for supple softness. Continuous use brings healthier and more youthful-looking skin. With its Moisturizing Agents wrapped in Lecithin Capsules, it enhances penetration into skin and delays the release of moisturizing agent for a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

After facial wash, pour about 20-cent coin size amount of lotion onto clean palm, apply gently and evenly over face. You can do some face massage as you apply to improve on blood circulation.

I personally love how well the lotion gets penetrated into my skin, and it doesn't sits on the skin and get the greasy, sticky feeling. It's fuss-free to use and it is a must prep for me to help my makeup to stay on longer on my skin.

Price: S$29.50 for 30ml.

After the FANCL Lotion, it's time to apply the FANCL Milky Lotion (second bottle from the right).
FANCL Milky Lotion seals in the moisturizing benefits of FANCL Lotion with nutrients for long-lasting hydration. Veiling Agents wrapped in Lecithin Capsules, not only seals in moisture but also prolongs moisture retention inside skin. It also protects the skin from external irritants and leaves skin soft and supple.

After skin lotion, pour about 10-cent coin size amount of milky lotion onto clean palm, apply gently and evenly over face. After I started using FANCL Milky Lotion, I saw an improvement in my skin's condition. My skin is rather sensitive and it gets red or breakout when the air is dusty or when it is irritated, so there is always some redness on my skin. However, after using FANCL Milky Lotion, I realized my skin is more stabilized now, the redness is gradually reducing and my skin isn't so sensitive anymore. I love how well it locks in moisture and leaves my skin feeling hydrated for hours. Definitely one of my HG product now.

Price: S$29.50 for 30ml. 

The final product is to apply FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack, for night use only.
FANCL’s Limited Edition Overnight Hydrating Pack – an overnight leave-on facial mask to nourish and infuse your skin with moisture while you catch up on your beauty rest. Designed to maximize women’s time, FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack is a silky veil that supports skin repair and protects skin from moisture loss as you snooze. 

FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack contains Silk Peptide that has a similar structure as the skin surface. This allows this vital ingredient to seal in the moistures seamlessly like a veil to retain moisture and support delivery of beauty essence into the skin. It will not only rejuvenate your tired, dehydrated complexion as you rest, yet feel utterly soothing to the skin so you are truly cocooned in comfort.

Dispense five pumps of FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack onto palm and gently apply onto skin. No rinsing is required.When I used this FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack, I found it pretty light-weighted and it gets absorbed into the skin pretty fast. With the silk peptide, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after that.  The next day when I woke up, I noticed a smooth, supple skin, and it is as simple and stress-free as that.

Price: S$56 for 30g.

Now, having removed the makeup and applied the nourishing skincare, Ballerina is ready for bedtime.

And we had Chamomile tea with added Collagen powder. What a great tea before a beauty sleep.

In the washroom, there were another 2 FANCL products for us to try too. 
I love their Hand & Nail Care cream. It's not very creamy in texture and it doesn't make my hands feeling greasy or sticky. Instead, my hands felt so velvety smooth after that. Cool!

Before leaving, we each had a bottle of FANCL Collagen drink. There's apple taste in the drink and it reminds me of apple flavoured Vitagen but a little on the sour side instead of sweet.

All good things will come to an end, so it's time to say goodbye.

Thanks for reading, and hope you will love FANCL skincare as much as I do. :)
And special thanks to Brand Story and FANCL for organizing a splendid event for us. Love this bunch of fun people! :)


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