Saturday, September 22, 2012

Visited Singapore's XD 6D Motion Ride Theater with Family!

I spent a weekend with Dad and sister at the Singapore's XD 6D Motion Ride Theater, and we finally experienced the latest 6D Motion Ride @ Singapore Flyer which was introduced to our sunny island not too long ago. 2D, 3D and 4D were nothing new to us but for 6D, it was our first time experiencing it, so we were really looking forward to watching 6D movies.

In Singapore's XD 6D Motion Ride Theater, 6D stands for the 3D experience (3D), wind effects (1D), lighting effects (1D) as well as the individually controlled motion technology (1D), and it all added up to give 6D.

This multisensory, immersive and realistic 6D XD Theater ride boasts unparalleled visual experience and superb motion and speed simulation!

There are three movies currently running; Canyon Coaster, Jet and Jin, and Ravine Racer. We went for two movies, which are Canyon Coaster and Ravine Racer. Jet and Jin is a movie for young children, which the excitement builds up gradually, and it is not as thrilling and fast-paced as Canyon Coaster or Ravine Racer.

Upon entering, we were greeted with these seats that give 400 movements per second, creating a close to authentic feeling. 
We love the seats!

After we got seated, Dad was only cooperative for the first shot and immediately faced the screen after that. 
He only has interest for the 6D movie to begin and didn't want to bother about our photo taking craze. LOL. 

Here's a short video on the movies.

After watching Canyon Coaster, my hair looked like I've been on a real coaster ride. Haha. I'm scared of roller coaster ride but luckily I didn't feel my heart in my mouth or feel my heart stopping in this 6D movie. This movie is really great for people like me who are not so daring for real roller coaster ride, yet hope to experience something that's quite similar.

It's a wonderful experience afterall, and now we love watching 6D movies! My sister loves the Canyon Coaster movie whereas I preferred Ravine Racer more. Dad likes both movies but hopes the movie can be longer in time so that it'll feel more shiok.

And while we are watching the movie inside, there's actually a camera to video what went on inside. It's actually for security purpose but I think it will be cool and fun if they can sell the video to customers for us to see our own reactions throughout the movie.

Some movies are full of fast speed and thrill, so not everyone, anyone is suitable to watch 6D movies.
Terms and conditions:
1. Children have to be of a minimum height of 1.2 metres
2. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
3. The management recommends that pregnant women do not participate in the rides unless with medical approval.

General information

Opening Hours:
9am to 11pm, daily

$20 per head for adults ($16, introductory price)
$18 per head for children of 6 to 13 ($14, introductory price)
$18 per head for adults above 60 years old ($14, introductory price)

If you're interested, go to for more information.


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