Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: Lactacyd White and Lactacyd Revitalize Intimate Washes -- Solution for Intimate Hygiene

I have a question for everyone:
Do you think that using intimate wash intimate hygiene is important?

From my understand, many people use either water alone or their body soap to cleanse their intimate area.
But do you know, an imbalance in the pH level can harm the natural bacteria flora that can create the conditions for yeast infections or mycosis? Inappropriate intimate hygiene and products can increase the risk of developing infections. Gynecologists say that near half of doctors' visits could be prevented by using a product that is suited specifically for the vaginal area. Therefore, to maintain proper intimate hygiene, it is essential to comply with the pH level (5.5) in order to preserve a woman's natural hygienic balance. Not only is the intimate hygiene essential for our well-being, but it also reduces bacterial overgrowth.

Most importantly, you would not use a lotion for your feet on your face's sensitive skin, right? Or a body soap to wash your hair? Hence, the message I'm trying to put across is, it is important to use a product designed and uniquely formulated by gynecologists and dermatologists exclusively for women's daily intimate cleansing.

This time round, on top of their normal intimate wash, Lactacyd introduces the Lactacyd White Intimate which is the first lightening intimate wash in Singapore which is proven to take effect within four weeks of use. According to a 100 person test done by Lactacyd, 90 percent of Asian women in a product test witnessed visible lightening after 12 weeks, and 67 percent witnessed skin lightening in just four weeks.
 Together with Lactacyd White Intimate (in blue), Lactacyd also introduces the Lactacyd Revitalize (in yellow) which is a youth reviving feminine wash, leaving your skin firm and supple. According to a 120 Asian women test, 98% of the women witnessed moisturising effect in 4 weeks and nearly 50% of women witnessed firming effect in 4 weeks. 

In the kit that I received, there is also a bottle of DIY Oatmeal scrub and a body scrub glove. I wasn't told why these 2 items were included in the kit, but from my interpretation, I guess it means that we care for our faces and our bodies just as important as the need to care for our intimate areas.
The oatmeal smells so good that I almost thought it is edible when I first saw this pretty little glass bottle without noticing the word "scrub". LOL.

 All right, back to the intimate washes which I were talking about earlier on.

For women, we might have experienced darkened bikini area as a result of perspiration and excessive friction from tight clothing which are both common in Singapore's weather and female fashion choices. However, now we can achieve 2 benefits in just 1 product; cleanse your intimate area and lightens your darkened skin tone.
Lactacyd White Intimate contains Algowhite which is a marine-based whitening agent that helps in skin lightening by reducing melanin synthesis, helps in exfoliating by activating the cells thereby reducing darkness and lastly, protects the skin by inhibiting free radicals. In the ingredient list, there is also plant-based Actipon-B ingredient which is also a whitening agent that inhibits the production of melanin, milk-based Lactoserum which is a moisturising and revitalising agent, and Lactic acid which is a soothing, anti-itching agent.

Lactacyd White Intimate has a pH level of 5.2.

The recommended usage is to use thumb-sized amount twice daily.
The product lathers easily, making it easy to use and after using, it leaves the intimate area feeling clean but not dry, and there's a soothing floral scent left on the skin after use.

Price and availability: Lactacyd White Intimate costs S$13.90 for 250ml, available at all leading pharmacies.

Moving on next is the Lactacyd Revitalize. This product contains gentle cleansing and anti-aging properties such as vitamin E, collagen and Trehalose (a long lasting deodorant moisturiser), which help to rejuvenate the skin and leave it firm and supple.
 Lactacyd Revitalize contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that destroys free radicals, Collagen that hydrates and help fight signs of aging, Trehalose which is a long lasting deodorant moisturiser with moisture retaining capacity, milk-based Lactoserum which is a moisturising and revitalising agent, and Lactic acid, a soothing, anti-itching agent.

Lactacyd Revitalize has a pH level of 5.2.

I love the refreshing floral scent and how cleansed my skin was after use.

The recommended usage is to use thumb-sized amount twice daily.

Price and availability: Lactacyd Revitalize costs S$13.90 for 250ml, available at all leading pharmacies.

 Feminine washes aid in prevention of infections, and an integral part in one's beauty regime. Lactacyd believes that every inch of the female body deserves the best care in order to be fair and flawless, especially the intimate area.

Lastly, you get to redeem a free Lactacyd Trial kit at Lactacyd Facebook page ( with this referral password:

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  1. I will recommend every female to use feminine wash and would recommend Lactacyd White Intimate. It not only does what a normal feminine wash does, it also contain whitening effect which is an added benefit.


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