Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perhaps Spotless is the New Black- Anti Melasma Cream

Research has shown that Asian women are more susceptible to melasma in general. These dark brown unattractive patches are commonly seen on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, nose, and chin, melasma is mostly observed during and after periods of sun exposure on women. I guess it could be due to the blazing hot sun we get all year round that results in us being susceptible to melasma.

To do something to stop melasma, a new product in the market called Perhaps Spotless is the New Black- Anti Melasma Cream was innovated to help prevent melasma production in the skin. It is said that the concoction in this product rejuvenates fair skin and helps reduce dark spotting on the skin. 

The main ingredients of the Perhaps Anti-Melasma cream include Longan, tourmaline and pearl.

Perhaps Anti-Melasma cream comes in a uniquely designed box that opens up to provide more information to its users. 

Here's a little snapshot of the information given in the box.

There's also a short write up to tell us the purpose and functions of the main ingredients in Perhaps Anti-Melasma cream.
Longan extract
An amazing discovery made by Professor Usanee of Thailand showed that extracts from the seeds of a dried longan fruit has 30 times more antioxidants than Vitamin E and an incredible 50 times more whitening effect than Vitamin C. Unlike bleaching creams, the extract is free of toxins and aids in preventing the generation of melanin, dark pigments and deterioration of skin cells, collagen and elastin.

Pearl powder
High in calcium, zinc and manganese, pearl is an excellent source for building proteins that help hydrate the skin. Along with 18 amino acids and essential minerals, pearl powder will help to bring out the glow in skin, Coupled with longan’s superior whitening properties, pearl powder leaves skin luminous and smooth like a real pearl.

Tourmaline crystal
Tourmaline crystals have pyroelectric properties that can speed up the absorption of nutrients into the skin. This contributes to skin-healing and improves the protective mechanisms in the skin. Turn back time for youthful radiance through the energizing properties present in the tourmaline crystals.

I love the environmentally friendly concept of Perhaps Anti-Melasma cream because I also noticed my house charting away many empty bottles after we've finished the products. Hence, I find that it is awesome that there is an avenue for us to return empty bottles, and they can sanitise and reuse. I will also be great for those who want to repurchase the product as there is a $2 rebate. 

In the box, it also showed directions to use this product.

The bottle comes with a mental body with a plastic cap. The size of this bottle isn't too bulky or heavy, which makes it suitable to bring along for travelling.

It comes with a pump which I really like as it's more hygienic and easy to use. Just pop open the cap and push the pump and there you go.

Perhaps Anti-Melasma cream comes as a concentrated cream that helps revive skin after deep research and up-to-date nano technology. It aids in the removal of old skin cells on the surface, leaving baby soft skin and reducing acne scarring.
It has a thick creamy texture, yet it sinks into my skin pretty fast and it spreads out easily on the skin. When applying, a musky floral scent was released. After application, my skin felt moisturised and smooth. The skin also looked slightly fairer due to the white colour of the cream. On my initial use, I got a few breakouts as my skin wasn't used to the concentration of this product, so I alternated it with my usual night cream and after my skin was all right with this product, I didn't experience breakouts from using this product anymore. After using this product for a month, I noticed my pigmentation looked much lighter but still slightly visible with close looks. I'm really happy that I observed effective results using Perhaps Anti-Melasma cream. Hopefully my skin would be pigment-free one day.

Perhaps you should give this deliciously simple, yet effective cream a go too! 

Perhaps Anti-Melasma is retailing at RSP SGD99.00 at all Renaza Wellness and Lifestyle Lab located at:
Orchard Central #02-13 181 Orchard Rd Singapore 238896
151 Telok Ayer St Singapore 068609
Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-23 8A Marina Blvd Singapore 018984



  1. Hi where your store located I want to buy this coz I'm suffering melasma on my face

  2. Hi is that effective for melasma

    1. Hi Friche Jane, this product can be purchased at 3 locations:

      1. Orchard Central #02-13 181 Orchard Rd Singapore 238896
      2. 151 Telok Ayer St Singapore 068609
      3. Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-23 8A Marina Blvd Singapore 018984

      From my experience, this product will not totally eliminate melasma pigmentation, but might help in lightening and brightening the skin.

      Hope I have answered your question. :))



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