Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sponsored Nails with Mental For Polish

Hi everyone, if you've saw the photo on my facebook, this post won't be new to you. A week ago, I went for my first gelish manicure at Mental for Polish, and my manicurist name is Shona. Shona does home-based manicure and pedicure, and she has a blog where she shares about her learning journey in nail art and designs that she has had done for her clients.

Here's her workspace. Looks really simple but neat and clean.

Here's the polishes that she uses. Not a lot of varieties as compared to salon, but a decent range of colours for you to choose from as you can see from the photo below.
Nail colours available, ranges from pastel, to neutrals, to dark colours, to glitters.
Shona even showed me some nail arts that she had done before, so that I can choose what kind of nail art I want on my nails. I can also choose to have nail art exactly like what she has had done before or even customise it, making my personalised nail art. Shona is really kind to listen and give advises.

I can choose to let Shona draw for the nail art or even choose to paste nail stickers. 
Her nail stickers are purchased from Japan. The quality and design of the nail stickers are much better than those cheap stickers available in the market. The designs on the nail stickers look realistic and the stickers are so thin that you won't feel the bulge of the stickers when pasted onto the nails.
Shona has a whole bag of nail stickers for her clients to choose from.

Shona began with spraying some water on my nails before she starts to remove the cuticles and shape my nails.

She started to apply the gel polish. The polish comes in a light shade, so she has to apply 3 coats to each nail. 

Fast dry of the polish using UV light, and the polish dries up in less than 10 seconds.

Shona doing the marble design on the nails of my ring finger. It's the latest Italian style, where the design on the ring finger is different from the rest of the fingers.

Then it's moving on to draw the floral design on my other 4 fingers. 

My nails partial done. This is before Shona draws the leaves and dots on.

Now, Shona is going to add on the leaves and dots on my nails.

Completed art piece on my nails. Really gorgeous looking and I love the design so much! Do you like it too?

After my manicure session, Shona was really sweet to give me a free tube of cuticle oil because I have dry cuticles. She has a whole wide range of scented cuticle oil available and I chose the strawberry one. 

Shona is really passionate about nail care and nail art, hence she decided to turn it into her part-time career.

You can go on to Shona's blog to book an appointment for manicure or pedicure services. Her service is only by appointment basis only, so remember to book an appointment before turning up. :)

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