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Indian Curry House at Singapore Expo

I seldom eat Indian food as I have the perception that Indian would be much spicier in flavour. Furthermore, I'm not the kind who can take very spicy food as I would hiccup non-stop till the spiciness in my mouth is totally gone.

But this time round, I researched and found out that Indian Curry House has non-spicy Indian food, hence I decided to try it out. Indian Curry House focuses on North Indian Tandoori Cuisine with a touch of English influence.
The menu at Indian Curry House is inspired by various Indian state specialties and appeals to a diverse clientele. They have authentic Indian specialties like Dal Makhni, Malai Kofta or Butter Chicken, or you can opt for a little more International and choose Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice, or Singaporean specialities like Fish Head Curry or Chilli Pepper Crab.

They even have special promotions at reasonable prices.

I like the ambience there too. It has comfortable furnishings and decor with soothing warm tones.
There's even Bollywood MV to watch while eating. I like to watch Bollywood MV as there is always a story to tell in each song.

Before going for their dishes, I ordered a glass of Mango Lassi, S$5.90.
This drink has a strong mango taste, as if a whole mango is blended to make this drink. It is soothing on the throat and the perfect drink to get rid of spiciness in the mouth almost immediately.

The first appetitiser we had was Masala Papad, S$4.90.
Their Masala Papad was so crispy! I could heard the crunchy sound in my mouth, and I love the spices in the Masala Papad. Their Masala Papad already tasted so nice when eaten plain. It tasted good too when eaten together with their sauce. I've no idea what sauce that was but I would return for more of this. 

Next appetitiser we had was their Fish Cake, S$9.90.
Their Fish Cake had mashed chunks of fish, crumbled and deep fried, served with Chilli mayonnaise sauce.

Although the fish cake is deep fried, but the crust is really crispy, not soaked with oil at all, and there isn't any oil inside too. It is good that the fish cake doesn't taste oily but I find that it had too much spices for my liking. I can't really taste the fish as the taste had been covered by the spices. I love their mayonnaise sauce though, and I think it would taste better if we can dip the fish cake into the mayonnaise sauce and eat it together.

We also had Indian bread, the Garlic Naan, S$3.90.
This  Garlic Naan was hand made from white flour garnished with garlic and basil. It tasted very much like a mix of roti prata and garlic bread but it didn't have a strong garlic smell. I love the taste of this Garlic Naan! 

Next, we had their rice, which we ate together with some side dishes and main course. We had Saffron Rice, S$4.40 and Plain Basmati Rice, S$3.90.
Saffron Rice uses Basmati, the royal rice cooked with the world's most expensive spice. The spice used wasn't revealed in their menu. I find that this Saffron rice tasted like Nasi Briyani except for the slightly stronger spice taste. 

Plain Basmati Rice uses the long grain Basmati rice from the hills of India, parboiled.
The rice isn't too moist nor too dry. I could feel the whole grain in my mouth and the taste is really good!

 We had Tandoori Chicken too which we can choose to have 2 pieces, 4 pieces or 8 pieces, and the prices are S$9, S$15 and S$27 respectively.

Spring chicken marinated with freshly pound masala and yogurt. The chicken is barbecued just right and it has the smoked chicken cum chicken satay taste. The chicken meat is a little dry but luckily it isn't too hard. I like the taste of this Tandoori Chicken. Will be back for more of it.

 We also had Prawn Mirch Masala, S$16.90.

Tiger prawns were used, so the prawn were huge in size and juicy. It is convenient to eat the prawn as they have already remove the shell, except for the tail but the prawn can be easily removed from the tail shell. For this dish, the prawns were cooked with onion, tomatoes and red chilli flakes, and it's not spicy in taste at all. I find the price really reasonable for a big plate of tiger prawns. Sure to revisit them for this dish too!

We had Butter Chicken, $16.90 and Kashmiri Rogan Josh (Mutton), S$16.90.

Butter chicken is made with boneless tandoori chicken simmered in creamy tomato gravy. This dish is their all time favourite. I love the tenderness of the chicken and the gravy isn't spicy at all. The gravy tasted perfect when eaten with the Garlic Naan. Fantastic! You really got to try it! The gravy tasted good when eaten with rice too.

 For Kashmiri Rogan Josh (Mutton), it tasted really like Malay's mutton curry. This dish consists of tender pieces of lamb with fresh ground spices in a rich stew of onions. It is a classic dish from Kashmir. This dish has a richer curry flavour as compared to the Butter Chicken dish but tasted good too when eaten with rice. The best part is that their curry isn't oily, which I like very much.

Next, we tried 2 Indian desserts. We had Kulfi, S$5.90 and Gulan Jamun, S$5.50.
Kulfi is made of half condensed milk, frosted like ice cream and it is flavoured with pistachio. There's shredded apple added on top. This dessert is quite sweet and if you're not really sweet-tooth, this would be too sweet for your liking. Even the shredded apple tasted sweet too. I couldn't finish this dessert.

The next dessert I had was Gulab Jamun, which is made of milk dumpling fried and simmered in sugar syrup. That was my first time tasting Gulab Jamun and I can't describe what it tasted like, except that it is much less sweeter as compared to Kulfi.

There are many more other dishes available at Indian Curry House, and we had a difficult time choosing what we want to order, so you can ask for chef's recommendation when you're there. :)

Operating Hours: 
Lunch 11.30 am - 2.30 pm 
Dinner 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm 
Lunch 11.30 am - 4.30 pm 
Dinner 6.00 pm - 10.30 pm

Singapore Expo 01-44, 1 Expo Drive, (S)486150 Tel: 6588 3324


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