Saturday, September 8, 2012

Experiencing Wax XXX's Waxing at Beauty Affairs!

Here's a shoutout "I did my Wax XXX's waxing at Beauty Affairs and I love their service!"
The day I went, their salon was packed with customers. It really shows that people recognise good services and have returned for more.

If you are new to waxing, you might be wondering what is waxing?
Waxing is actually a way of hair removal that completely removes the hair from the roots. This is a better alternative to shaving or hair removal creams because the new hair growth is much softer and with regular waxing, the re-growth will become slower and eventually a lot lesser hair in the area.

I know many people shave unwanted hairs because it's convenient and cost saving, but why make your skin go through the blades again and again after getting countless cuts and skin abrasions? Maybe it's time for you to be more gentle towards your skin and stop those unwanted hairs from getting thicker. 

At Beauty Affairs, they offer affordable waxing with minimum pain.
Their waxing services include: Underarms, Half arms, full arms, half leg, full legs, fingers and toes, facial waxing, eye brows waxing, upper lip + chin waxing, chest waxing, back waxing, back & shoulder waxing, tummy waxing, normal basic bikini line, x-spot / g-spot, buttocks waxing, high low bikini line, traditional Brazilian and full Monte/Hollywood.

Wow! Very comprehensive waxing service isn't it?

Soon after filling in my particulars, I was led into a room.

I was left to change while my consultant left the room. I have to change into their robe as I'm doing underarm and leg waxing.

At Beauty Affairs, they use non-strip waxes. There are 3 different waxes available, specially targeted for the different lengths and types of hair on the different parts of the body, La Parfait Cire Bleue (blue in colour) is specially formulated for longer hairs on legs and over grown hairs after waxing. La Parfaite Cire Rose (pink in colour) formulated with titanium dioxide is perfect for those who have decided to convert from shaving to waxing for smoother skin. La Parfait Core de Riz (white in colour), formulated with Rice from Japan, this fantastic low temperature formula moisturises the skin as they wax. This is suitable for sensitive skin and also effective for coarse hair. 

Before the waxing procedure, the therapist will prepare the area by applying the pre waxing cleansing and sanitisation . 

The pink wax was used on my underarm. The pink wax is pretty strong in strength and it hurt a little but at the salon, it is a guarantee that when you wax with WaxXXX, the pain factor is reduced by a good 70%. Many of their clients even feedback that the temperature of the wax is only warm (not hot) on the skin and the removal is very gentle.

After returning home, I'm surprised that my underarm didn't look very red, only slight pinkish.

Sanitisation was done again after waxing.

Next, I moved on to do leg waxing. This time, the white wax was used, and I love the rose scent of the white wax which also helped to make me feel calm.
 The whole waxing procedure was done really fast. Apply the wax, it semi-hardens within seconds and peel out. There go all the unsightly leg hairs and now I have clean, hairless pair of legs.

The waxing procedure at Beauty Affairs is fast, clean and not very painful. 
Here's a great deal for you to try out their service and experience it for yourself.

1) Quote "Yvonne $5 waxing" to enjoy 1 time underarm waxing at $5!
Call Beauty Affairs at 63379455 or sms to 98762944 for booking.
*Valid till 30th Sept 2012. Appointments must be made prior 30th and no later than that.

2) Facebook Giveaway (
If they achieve 2000 "likes" by 30th Sept 2012, they will be giving away $200 vouchers each to 5 Facebook fans!
(That's a total of $1000 vouchers to be won!)
The $200 vouchers can be used on multiple visits for waxing services or/and waxing home-care products on regular prices.(Discounted services or other promotions cannot be used)
Advance booking of appointments are required.
Fans are advised to check Wax XXX Facebook page for details/updates or if they have any questions.
*Should the Facebook page NOT reach 2000 likes, the giveaway will be invalid.

How to get to Beauty Affairs:
1) Spot SMa Institute of Higher Learning
2) See the Purvis Street road sign
3) Saw the stretch of low buildings? Walk all the way in till you spot Killiney Kopitiam, and you're finally there!

Beauty Affairs
27 Purvis Street #01-02 Singapore 188604
Tel: 63379455

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am—9.30pm
Saturday 9am—6pm
Sundays & Public Holidays—Closed

Remember to quote "Yvonne $5 waxing" to enjoy 1 time underarm waxing at $5 only!
If you have done so, congrats on taking the step to try waxing. :)


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