Friday, August 10, 2012

ZALORA.SG Rocks the House!

Today I'm going to share an online shopping platform that I love a lot, and it's Zalora!

I first came across Zalora when I was browsing for shoes and apparels online. At that time Zalora isn't a well-known online shopping platform yet, but I was attracted to its reasonable pricing, wide range of brands and items, free shipping and most of all, there is a 30 days return if you are not satisfied with the goods you received or if the shoes/clothes do not fit you. Sometimes it is difficult to purchase items online since we cannot see them with our eyes, feel them with our hands and try them on to see if they fit but with the 30 days return, it's just like bringing Zalora into your house and you can choose to accept items that you really love.

Zalora is a one stop shopping platform for everyone. You can get almost anything you wish for all at one place. Zalora also conducts frequent sales and promotions where you can purchase at a much lower price.

Browsing the women clothing category is my favourite as Zalora constantly updates the site with new fashionable apparels to keep me in trend. You too, are sure to be able to find the apparels that you fancy on Zalora. ^_^ 
Click here to see more stuff! 

Recently, I saw this dress on Zalora that caught my attention, and it costs S$16.50 only after discount! Where can you find such a cheap price?! But you can find it on Zalora!
Hop on to Zalora today to see if there's anything you like and start shopping away! :)


  1. It's risky to shop at Zalora! Their customer service is terrible. My order wasn't delivered and no one answered my calls and emails. Found out that many people have had similar bad experiences only after it happened to me. :(

    1. Hi Anon, I tried shopping at Zalora earlier before they became quite well known and my emails were replied rather promptly, the most I waited was 2 days to receive a reply from them. Although Zalora took a week to deliver my goods but they apologised for the delay in delivery and even sent a box of Chocoelf chocolate over as a form of apology. According to my experience, I find that Zalora has pretty good customer service but it's sad to hear that you received terrible service, so maybe Zalora can do better in this area and continue maintaining their standards.

  2. I think they got too big / popular for their own good and now their customer service is non-existent. Can't get through the line and no replies to email. Now I cannot even download the return slip for some reason. So far, my orders arrived but I cannot return the goods, unlike what they claim. And ya many people are facing the same problems.

    1. Hi Anon, maybe too many people have been returning goods and Zalora didn't have enough manpower to attend to everyone? I'm not sure. Perhaps, things would be better if Zalora stated clearer about what items can be returned and what can't. I think, it is also the responsibility of shoppers to read the details of the items carefully before purchasing. That would make things better for everyone, otherwise it'll be too troublesome for shoppers to go through the admin process and labour intensive for Zalora to do returning, re-shipping and other stuffs. Just my 2-cents worth of view here.


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