Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reviews: Mavala Lip Glosses in 5 Colours -- Grapefruit, Bubblegum, Litchi, Strawberry, Blackcurrent

Our lips need special attention as they are more vunerable to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun and pollution. But how can we look beautiful yet nourish our lips at the same time? Fear not, because we have Mavala Lip Glosses to solve our problem.

Mavala Lip Gloss is an ultra-shiny and non-sticky product. Its formula contains tiny shimmering particles of mother-of-pearl as well as grape seed oil. This oil contains polyphenols (vitamin E enriched molecules) which help to reinforce the natural protection of the lips, effectively fighting free radicals which are responsible for 80% of skins premature ageing. Lip Gloss provides soothing, regenerating and nourishing care to lips.

In this post, I will be showing 5 different colours of Mavala Lip Glosses. 
From left to right: Grapefruit, Bubblegum, Litchi, Strawberry, Blackcurrent.

Taken with flash:

The lip gloss comes with an angled applicator for easy application. Mavala lip gloss feels slightly watery in texture, but this helps to apply the lip gloss easily, evenly and smoothly on the lip.The lip gloss did not leave any sticky feeling on my lip. There are tiny shimmery particles in the lip gloss which gives a natural reflection and look gorgeous in colour on my lip.

This lip gloss comes in gorgeous soft pink colour but the photo didn't manage to capture the actual colour.

This lip gloss comes in a brighter pink, the tone is a little closer to fuchsia.

This lip gloss comes in nude with a pale pink tone, giving a close to natural lip colour.

This lip gloss comes in a bright, bold classic red that makes the shape of the whole lip stands out from the face feature.

This lip gloss comes in a dark purple shade which looks a little pinkish in tone under sunlight. However, I find that this colour does not complement my skin tone well as it makes me look older.

Lipgloss colour under white lamp light.
Lipgloss colour under sunlight.

I'm more for the Grapefruit and Litchi as these are the colours I would use frequently on a daily basis. For those bolder, brighter colours, I only use them once in a while when I feel like having more vibrant colours on my face. 

Overall, I like the watery, non-sticky texture of  Mavala Lip Glosses as it makes me feel like I'm not putting anything on my lips, however, the colour didn't manage to last long and sometimes it smudges when too much of the lip gloss is applied. These Lip Glosses can be applied by using foam applicator, as often as you wish to keep the colour looking fresh on your lip.

That's all and thanks for looking! :)

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