Thursday, August 23, 2012

Launch of Maybelline Lashionista mascara, HyperCosmos Duo Eyeshadow and Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

Every woman has been guilty at some point in her life of hideous crimes against fashion. Smudged mascara, wonky eyeliner, cakey eyeshadow. However, there is hope. Revolutionary new Lashionista mascara from Maybelline New York, partnered with HyperCosmos Duo Eyeshadow and Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, holds the promise of total reform and a fresh new start for repeat offenders and hardened fashion crimes.

Maybelline Lashionista Event was held at Zouk Club for an introductory beginning before the new products officially hit the market. 

Audiences presented that evening were fortunate enough the feast their eyes on Maybelline new products, fashion shows with apparels from various blogshops and makeup demonstration by Mr. Larry Yeo together with Michelle Chong.

Rozz was the host for the night and she's the Maybelline ambassaor for Maybelline BB mousse.

Let the show begin! 
Maybelline products were used for the models' makeup. 

The fashion runway was totally awesome and mind blowing! But that was not everything.
Michelle Chong was also present at the event, hosting the makeup demonstration with make-up artist, Mr. Larry Yeo.

Mr. Larry Yeo used HyperCosmos Duo EyeshadowHyper Glossy Liquid Liner and Lashionista mascara on the model for the makeup demonstration.

The first product used on the model was the HyperCosmos Duo Eyeshadow.
HyperCosmos is born from new baked eyeshadow technology: an innovative baking process that removes excess water pigments to make way for pure, intense, saturated colour. Adding lustre to colour, its divine not-too-dull-not-too-shiny shimmer arises from a unique combination of crushed pearls and pure pigments
There are seven gorgeous shades available, and each palette contains two complementary tones of marbelised colour for effortless mixing and blending.
The colour of the eyeshadow intensify when you apply with a slight damp makeup brush. You're sure to be surprised by how pigmented and glittery the colours are, and the glitters will brighten up the look of your eyes instantly.

HyperCosmos duo eyeshadow palette (in 7 shades) retails at S$17.90 each from Watsons, Guardian, Sa Sa, selected department stores, major supermarkets and hypermarts.

The second product used was the Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner.
Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner delivers ten times the shine of conventional eye liners. With one swift stroke, it draws a sharp, vinyl-shiny line that frames your Lashionista-laden lashes with knife-sharp precision and dazzling shine. I'm sure you'll love how precise and easily controlled the brush is for drawing of liner on your eyelids.

And despite its unfailing waterproof formula, it comes off cleanly with a gentle wipe of your regular eye makeup remover, with no vicious rubbing required. Sweep on the criminal allure of a super-shiny black line, then come clean before bedtime with easily removable Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner, in classic do-no-wrong black.

Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner (Black) retails for S$13.90

The last product used was the Lashionista mascara.

If you’d kill for long, lustrous, curling lashes, don’t! Now there is Lashionista.The eye expert and mascara market world leader Maybelline, assembled a dedicated task force to invent the perfect mascara for Asian lashes. And they created Lashionista – a new generation ultra-lengthening, long-wearing, smudgeproof mascara like none before it. Lashionista's abundance of natural x-finity fibers, over 4mm longer than normal fibers gave Lashionista mascara the gravity-defying powers. An ultra-light film coats lashes, lifts them and keeps them in place for 24 hours of wear. And at the end of the day – or night – it washes off easily with warm water. Asian girls with killer lashes are on the loose with Lashionista!

Lashionista mascara retails for S$21.90.

Met the other girls at the event and of course, we got to take photos together! :D

With Valerie and Catherine.

With Silver.

With Kimberly.

Maybelline Lashionista mascara, HyperCosmos Duo Eyeshadow and Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner will be available in Singapore from September 2012.
Do keep a look out! :)


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