Tuesday, July 24, 2012

High Tea at Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar offers High Tea set at S$9.90++, an affordable place to spent the afternoon enjoying High Tea.

I love their open kitchen concept because how often do we get to see chefs at work, making sumptuous meals for diners?

When I stepped in, I was immediately WOW-ed by the decorations at Covelli. Covelli looks like a fine dining restaurant with the atas feeling. 

Covelli has a huge VIP room where their wine cellar is situated too.

After showing you around Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar, now let me share with you about their Hi Tea set. High Tea comes with 4 cakes and pastries, together with a pot of tea from Covelli's extensive selection menu. The cakes and pastries differ day to day, depending on the Chef's special as well as what's available on that day. Hence, the selection that you've tasted might not be available everyday as the menu changes.

High tea at Covelli runs from 3pm - 6pm on weekdays and 12pm to 6pm on weekends. 

Extensive selection of teas available.

The waitress presented us with the tea leaves so that we can take a sniff and choose the tea that we would like to have. You can request for the waitress to show you the samples too when you're having your High tea there.

Bits of Chcolates in the tea.

I chose Lord William's Promise after knowing that this tea is quite popular there. The tea is served in a pretty tea set. After drinking the tea, I find that Lord William's Promise tasted a little like Japanese Brown rice Green tea but of course, with slightly more bitterness because it's Black tea.

If you think that the tea is too bitter for your liking, you can request for sugar. If you don't like bitter tea, White tea or Green Tea would be a better choice for you.

I've also tried their Dakota Sunrise and Dakota Sunset. Dakota Sunset is supposed to be Chocolate Hazelnut with Black tea but the bitterness of the black tea overpowered the chocolate taste, causing the chocolate taste to be really faint. Dakota Sunrise tasted like Green tea mixed with berries flavour. The taste is quite similar to their Grandma's garden tea except that Dakota Sunrise has a lighter berries fragrant. If you like a stronger berries fragrant and taste, you would love Grandma's garden.
(Dakota Sunrise is on the left of the photo shown below and Dakota Sunset is on the right.)

Here are the pastries and cakes that we had that day.
Pastries we had are mini tomato and smoked duck. The smoked duck tasted really tender and well-cooked. It tasted so good and addictive!
Mini Tomato
Smoked Duck

Cakes we had that day.
Chocolate cakes.

Clockwise direction: Wildberries cakes, Peanut Butter pies, Orange Carrot cakes
Chocolate cake tasted so chocolatey, sweet and sinful but the chocolate is a little hard in texture that it doesn't melt immediately in the mouth. 
Wildberries cake is very dense and filling. It tasted like Strawberry ripple ice-cream. It's a little creamy for the strawberry cream but won't make you sick of it.
Peanut Butter pies tasted like Skippy's peanut butter spread. It's very rich but tasted good with the chocolate and pie. A piece of this pie is enough to make you feel full.
Orange Carrot cake is very dense, and it has strong cinnamon and orange taste. The taste of carrot isn't really noticeable.  

With the price of $9.90++, you get to eat 4 cakes and pastries, together with a pot of tea. It's going to make your money worth while enjoying the afternoon with your friends or family.

About Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

Occupying a sprawling 3,000 square feet with a total seating capacity of 80, Covelli is great for intimate meals as well as events. This modern bistro and wine bar combines unrivalled freshness and impeccable plating for every dish. This restaurant also unveils a bold and unique dining concept by housing new fashion label ESYE.

Serving up rustic Italian favorites with a touch of luxury, Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar gives authentic Italian cuisine a new twist with its wide range of thin-crust pizzas and pastas, meats, desserts and more. Wine connoisseurs will be heartened to know that Covelli boast one of the well-stocked cellars in Singapore, featuring more than 50 wines from Italy, Australia, France and Spain. 

Covelli is located at 181 Orchard Road #B2-13/22, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896. 


Thanks for reading this post and enjoy your High tea at Covelli! :)

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