Monday, July 2, 2012

Hair Makeover at KOMACHI The Hair Cult

I decided that it's time for a change in hairstyle as I've been having long straight layered hair for many years and my hair stylist always cut the same style for me too. Sometimes we can get too comfortable with the hairstyle that suits us, hence we never thought of going for a change. However, as time goes by, it gets bored seeing the same hairstyle over and over again, so this time, I was contemplating either to cut short or go for curls. Short, pixie styles have been very popular these days and it gives people an edgy feel, and definitely a change of character with a different style or maybe feminine curls that make heads turn as you walk down Orchard Road.

I took a long time to decide the hairstyle I want and my final decision was to go for curls. I know this might not sound exciting for some of you but to me, the feeling is totally different as it was my first time curling my hair. You know why I wanted a change of hairstyle now. Furthermore, if curls turned out not suitable for me, I can still change my hairstyle but if I'm going for Pixie cut, I have to live with it for months before I can do anything about my hair, and given my heart-shaped face, I don't think I'm ready for a risk.

Final decision, go for hair perming! So an appointment was made at KOMACHI The Hair Cult with their Creative Director Ms. Rie Kanai.
Hailed from the style capital of Japan – Tokyo, Rie began her hairdressing career at the age of 19, and graduated from a Hollywood Beauty School at the age of 21. Rie then began her 7-year career at Color Hatagayaten in Tokyo before joining Komachi. 

“I am unceasingly amazed by what a hairstyle can do to a person’s appearance. A miraculous transformation is achieved with just a good hair cut!” said Rie.

With Rie, I believe that I'll be in safe hands.

I arrived at Komachi The Hair Cult on a sunny afternoon, excited for a hair transformation.

Love the interior of the salon! So white, so clean, so neat, so classy.

Drinks were served, and I had Green Tea.

Here's the length and style of my hair before the change. Let the hair transformation begin!

Rie started by analysing my hair and decided that trimming would be needed before perming and she immediately began her hands on me, very sure of what she needs to do.

After getting my hair trimmed, it's time for shampooing and rinsing. Rie was very kind to ask if the temperature of the water was just nice and was meticulous in ensuring that water wasn't splashed on my face or flowed into my ears. She was also very gentle in the amount of strength used during shampooing, no pulling and tugging of my long hair. Thumbs up! 

After shampooing, my hair was lightly dried and combed before heating lotion was applied to my hair, and curlers were used.

I'm not sure what are those plastic yellow sticks called but those sticks were used to keep the hair in place before perming. 

More heating lotion applied. The grey colour bowl like thing in U-shaped was placed below the hair to collect excess heating lotion dripping down my head. Rie placed the towel near my face to prevent the heating lotion from getting into contact with my face.

I was placed under the heating machine for micro-perming, but sadly my hair refused to curl. Boohoohoo... #Sad. So I went for air perm later. Air perm gives people natural looking, beautiful curls but it isn't very lasting. 

Switched to air perming. Tubes were clipped to my hair and air was pumped in.

After approximately 30 minutes of air perm, it's time to release the curls. Finally, my scalp feels like it can breathe again. #happy

Next, it's shampooing and rinsing again before Argan Treatment was applied to my hair to nourish and restore the health, shine and silky softness to my hair.

Underwent steaming for the nutrients to be absorbed into my hair.

Rinse off the treatment and it's time to blow dry. Excited to see the final results!

Final results. Front and back. Rie combed zig zag for the top. The whole style is so pretty! Oh my GAWD!!! =D

Taken together with my hairstylist, Rie. Thank you for giving me beautiful hair.  

 Komachi offers a complete range of hair salon services, catering to both men and women -- creative colors and highlights, a wide range of perms, an effective system of scalp treatments, elegant upstyles and bridal make up; even traditional services like Obe Tying of the Kimono. 
Updated with the latest hair trends and fashion, the designers at Komachi blend their personal ideas and creativity into their creations. 

KOMACHI The Hair Cult is located at 360 Orchard Road, #02-03/04, International Building (next to ANZ Bank).

Check out the services Komachi offers and the prices if you are interested in going for their service. =)

Have a beautiful week ahead.

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