Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reviews: Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask, and Love More White Crystal & Platinium Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask

Both brands Sexy Look and Love More are from the same company, Secretive Pte Ltd, and today I will be sharing my reviews of facial masks from both brands.

If you have been reading my blog, you might have already realised that whitening and hydrating products are major loves for me because of my dull, dry skin, and when skin is dull and dry, it makes people look shag and haggard. I have not reached my 30s and I do not wish to look older as well, so when Secretive Pte Ltd provided me with their whitening and hydrating facial masks for review consideration, I agreed. No harm trying different varieties of whitening and hydrating facial masks if I can find my holy grail product. :)

So first up, let me review the facial mask from Sexy Look. Sexy Look presented their new Black Pearl ( & White Truffle!) Extreme Whitening Mask that is said to tackle your skin dullness – revealing the bright and fair complexion that I long for. Sounds good! But let's see what kind of results I can get from using this facial mask.

The direction of use is pretty easy and we can achieve uplifting effect with just a mask!

And here I have the mask on. The mask is made of thin cotton material such that you can see through the mask but the material is really good and stretchable that it does not tear easily. 
The moment I have the mask on, the scent caught my attention as I find the scent very familiar, and after a while, I realised that it smells very much like my Laneige Sleeping Pack except that Sexy Look facial mask has a slight sweeter scent as compared to Laneige's. 

The mask comes well moist with light-weighted essence and the essence does not feel thick or sticky on the skin. It feels really nice and cooling with the mask on and the essence gets absorbed into my skin easily.

After removing the mask, my skin looked visibly brighter and fairer except for the eye area which looked darker in tone because it wasn't in contact with the essence from the mask when using it. 
After using the mask, my skin definitely felt hydrated but the hydrating effect didn't last for long, so this mask can be better and hope it can provide a long lasting hydration effect. In terms of the uplifting effect, I do notice a slight lift but perhaps better results could be observed after using it in the long-term.

Aside from bringing in the Best Selling 3D mask from Taiwan – Sexy Look, Secretive also offers a sparkling skin indulgence with Love More. Enriched with Ionized White Crystal, the White Crystal & Platinum Whitening nourishes your skin with multi minerals – gives you the healthy glow with double whitening effect!

I feel that Love More facial mask is almost the same as Sexy Look's as both masks have the face and chin hooks and they are made of the same stretchable cotton material with the same cut but, the difference is that Love More facial mask has diamond checkered pattern which Sexy Look doesn't. I think the purpose of the diamond checkered pattern is to allow the skin to breathe while it absorbs the essence. The essence from Love More felt watery but it's not messy to use as I didn't experience any dripping while using it. For scent wise, I think this Love More facial mask smells a little like citrus scented air freshener but seriously, the scent is still acceptable.

After removing the mask, my skin looked so much brighter and fairer, and it provided deeper hydrating result. The remaining essence on my face got absorbed easily and there's no sticky or uncomfortable feeling left on my skin after that. Results obtained were pretty much similar to Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask except that I noticed my skin looked much brighter after using Love More White Crystal & Platinium Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask.

Here's an overall summary of the 2 products. I love these 2 products and I am adding both into my "Must-Use" facial mask collection.

If you love whitening and hydrating products too, you might want to give these masks a try! :)


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