Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: The Body Shop - Olive Beautifying Oil

The Body Shop NEW Beautifying Oils are multi-purpose dry oils for body, face and hair. They instantly moisturise, smooth and illuminate, thanks to the pampering blend of three precious nut oils and offer moisturisation benefits up to 8 hours! Contrary to beliefs that oils are greasy for our humid weather, The Body Shop beautifying oils offer 3 benefits that will leave you loving them! This product also contains 99.6% natural ingredients!

The Beautifying Oil contains a special blend of three lightweight nut oils: 

Beautifying Oils are available in 4 product fragrances: 

My thoughts:
Even though I'm using the beautifying oil in Olive fragrance but the subtle fruity scent is just so heavenly that I find myself constantly reaching out to this product and applying it to my hands and legs for the spirit-lifting scent. This product also provides moisturising and illuminating results as you can see from the photo below. Just a small amount is sufficient as it spreads out easily and is able to cover a large surface area of your skin, providing up to 8 hours of moisturising effect! The beautifying oil penetrates into the skin almost immediately and it did not leave any sticky or uncomfortable feeling on the skin after use.

Here's how my skin looks like after leaving the beautifying oil on my skin for an hour. Totally adore the glow on my skin after using this beautifying oil!

The opening of the bottle isn't very big, so you don't have to worry about pouring out too much of the product. You can easily control the amount to dispense for use.
The Beautifying Oils are perfect for applying alone or on top of your usual moisturiser (Body Butter or lotion) so you can enjoy amazing, instant illumination. 

Below are answers to some questions which you might be interested to know more about. :)

 How to apply the oils to my face? 
Before applying your night cream, massage a few drops into the face to allow complete absorption of the oils during the night. In the morning, use after your usual moisturiser, to enjoy an instant natural glow and radiance.

How to apply the oils to my hair? 
Once or twice a week, in the evening, massage the oil from the scalp to the ends, to allow complete absorption of the oils during the night. Wash off in the morning. You can also apply to wet hair from mid-length to the bottom twice a week to enjoy instantly glossier and nourished-feeling hair. 

Are the fragrances aimed at different skin types? 
No, all Beautifying Oils provide the same level of moisture (for up to eight hours) and are for all skin types. 

What is the difference between the Body Lotions, Body Butter and Beautifying Oils? 
They all give different levels of moisture.

The Body Shop - Olive Beautifying Oil retails at S$22.90 for 100ml. 

It's worth checking out this item at The Body Shop outlets, and don't forget to take a sniff of this product!


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