Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blogger Session at L'Espace Sante

Relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of chic comtemporary French interiors at L'Espace Sante, Palais Renaissance. 
L'Espace is headed by former Sothys trainers, where you can be assured of the most suitable Sothys customised treatments and home care regimes. Therapist at L'Espace Sante are well trained to design tailored prescriptions, ensuring the best results are delivered from your personalised programme. 

The moment I stepped into L'Espace Sante, I felt relaxed with their cool but not too cold air-conditioned, soft lighting that's not too dim, and relaxing sofa that feel so comfortable sitting on. There's even food specially prepared by Sothys people. It's so nice meeting them again and I always feel very comfortable chatting with them.

When I was led to a tour in L'Espace Sante, I was surprised by how spacious the whole place is, and their rooms aren't too cramp as well. You can also purchase Sothys products at L'Espace Sante.
Above are the products available at L'Espace Sante. There are testers for you to try Sothys products too!
Dressing table with Sothys product for customers to use after treatment. 
Single bed room.
Single bed with shower room.
Single bed with shower room with machines for body massages and bust treatment. 
Couple/Friend room. This room is used for moms who came with the child, so the kid can rest on the bed or even play in this spacious room while the mother go for a relaxing facial treatment in peace. 

I was then led into a single bed room where I fill in my particulars and details about my skin or any allergy I have and was left to change before my therapist comes in to examine my skin.
Waiting enthusiastically for my treatment to begin. I need to clear my skin of those clogs!

Soon after, my therapist came in and she prepared warm water for me to soak my feet while she worked her hands gently on my skin. She removed my makeup with Sothys makeup removers before examining my skin visually. After the skin consultation, my therapist recommended Purifying Treatment for me. This treatment helps to regulate excess sebum and stimulate cell renewal for a matt complexion.

The Purifying Face Treatment Experience

Step 1: Cleansing and Detoxifying
The treatment begins with makeup and impurities removal with make-up remover, beauty milk and lotion that cleanse thoroughly, leaving the skin clean.

Step 2: Exfoliation
Desquacream and Gommage gently sloughs away dead skin cells rendering the skin smoother, moisturised and more receptive to products.
L'Espace Sante used a special way of exfoliating, a clay mask kind of product was applied to my skin and while it's semi-dry, my therapist rub off the product which will exfoliate a thin layer of dead skin off my skin. After exfoliation, a light-weighted cream was applied to my whole face before I was placed under steam and the light was dimmed for me to rest.

Step 3: Professional Massage Technique
A sensational massage will be performed with Active Cream, a smooth textured cream to repair and heal the skin.
In the treatment, there was also shoulder, upper back and arm massages which released my muscles tension and I truly felt relaxed. I enjoyed the massages most! My therapist is really skilled at doing massage.

Step 4: Nourishing the Skin
An application of mask, Absorbant Mask, is spread evenly throughout the face so that the active ingredients are able to penetrate into the deeper layers to moisturise the skin. Together with titanium oxide and zinc oxide, all ingredients work to dry up small spots, tighten pores, eliminate impurities and lighten complexion while refining skin’s tissues. Perfect to help blemish disappear.

Step 5: Protecting the Skin
A thin layer of Hydra-Matt Fluid is applied as moisturizer before a sun-protecting cream, revealing a matt complexion.


In the treatment process, there was also extraction done after the steaming process. My therapist did the extraction gently without too much squeezing, without hurting me at all. My therapist did not do a full extraction of my whole face as she said it would cause too much harm and redness to the skin, so she recommended clearing some clogs at a time.

I also experienced their PPx+ Multi-Application System, a machine that helps to resolve skin ailments from unwanted hair to acne.
I was told that this helps to kill underlying bacteria so that the skin won't breakout easily. Just the one I need for my skin. 

After the treatment, my skin felt so baby smooth and totally revitalised and rejuvenated. This facial treatment is just great for dull, tired looking skin with clogs.

At the end of the treatment, I was served honey ginger tea. It tasted so nice that I finished drinking it. Yummy!

I left L'Espace Sante feeling good about my skin and went shopping after that only with lipstick on.

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