Sunday, May 13, 2012

With KOTEX LUXE, it is time to RISE UP Against Compromise!

Personally, when it is the time of the month, I would always go for black colour clothing as I am afraid of leakage, and clothes of lighter shades would make the stain more distinctive, hence black is my ultimate choice. However, now that I got to know about the latest technology innovation from KOTEX LUXE, I wish to share with ladies out there that it is now time for us to RISE UP against compromise, and I hope this post would be able to help you learn more about the ULTIMATE LEAKAGE DEFENCE.

I attended the KOTEX event which was held at Hosted on the Patio where I got to understand about the latest technology innovation from KOTEX LUXE, the first-ever intelligent Pro-Active Guards that rise gently upon fluid contact, creating a true cradling fit that is closer to the body to protect women in the knowledge that they are safe from embarrassing incidents.

While waiting for the event to begin, I enjoy snapping pictures of my surroundings. I really love the paintings hung on the walls!

For the beginning of the event, there were Aikido defence movements demonstrated and we also had some hands on experiences with the movements taught. 

Moving on, we were next introduced to the KOTEX LUXE latest technology innovation.

According to research and study done by KOTEX across 10 markets, 60% of the women have been unable to concentrate on daily tasks as leakages are constantly at the back of their minds. 
(I personally have this problem as well, and I tend to take a look at my seat every time I stood up.)

Women are worried about leakages in the daytime which often occurs at the sides, as well as the back and side leakages that are common at night. KOTEX believes that the modern progressive woman needs a more elegant solution to address leakages. The solution is the driving force behind the innovation of KOTEX LUXE Ultrathins with Proactive Guards. 
(A round of applause to KOTEX for understanding women's concern.)

Key Product Highlights 
All-new Kotex Luxe Ultrathins comes with:
  • ProActive Guards - side guards that rise intuitively upon contact with fluid, which help prevent side leakage in the day and night
  • Fusion Technology Cover - combining the dryness of a net cover and the comfort of soft cotton-like covers into one pad
  • Micro Max Core - a super absorbent and ultrathin core that further maximises protection levels
  • RapidAbsorb Funnels - a specially designed funnel that absorbs fluid during heavy or sudden flow, locking the liquid away securely, helping to prevent leakages
  • Longer Wings - better side coverage to help prevent side leaks and stains 
  • WOW! Designs - the pad comes with attractive WOW! feminine designs that cheer you up during that time of the month

If you are wondering if you will feel the rise of the side guards and if there would be any form of discomfort while using this pad, I would assure you that you don't have to worry as the side guards rise very slowly such that you won't be feeling it moving. I've tried it and I feel that KOTEX LUXE is just like any other pad, but the exception is that KOTEX LUXE provides me with better protection against leakages. With KOTEX LUXE, I can now put my mind at ease without having to be paranoid and worry about staining my clothes during my period. ^_^

Here's the full range of KOTEX LUXE and they are available at all major supermarkets and convenience stores island wide.

1) KOTEX LUXE Ultrathins with Proactive Guards 
KOTEX LUXE 23cm Ultrathin 20s ($6.40)
KOTEX LUXE 28cm Ultrathin Overnight 16s ($6.40)
KOTEX LUXE 32cm Ultrathin Overnight 14s ($6.40)

 2) KOTEX Soft & Smooth Overnight with Proactive Guards
KOTEX Soft & Smooth 28cm Overnight 16s ($5.10)
KOTEX Soft & Smooth 32cm Overnight 10s ($3.40)

Hope you have learnt more about KOTEX LUXE leakage protection through this post.
Take part in KOTEX LUXE photo contest and stand to win more than $1,500 worth of prizes. You can also request for a sample on KOTEX Facebook page at this link:

And today is Mother's Day in Singapore. I would like to wish all mothers, Happy Mother's Day! :)


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