Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Sexy Look Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask

Anyone here is a Hello Kitty fan?
Then you'll be happy to know this good news! 
Sexy Look launched a series of Hello Kitty So-Lovely Skin Care which consist of a facial cleanser, lip balm and last but not least, the Sexy Look Hello Kitty facial mask! ^_^

The packaging is really eye-catching, well-designed and has nice colour combination. I love it so much!

Here are some information about this facial mask which could be useful to you.

As mentioned on the product details, the main results observed after application would be tightening of visible pores and hydration of skin, making our complexion soft and glowing. 

Well, I've put my skin to this test and we'll see if I get the same results as mentioned on the product details. :)

Each packet comes with a fully moist facial mask and there's still a lot of essence left in the packet.

 The facial mask is made of thin cotton material. It sits nicely on my skin and didn't fall off my face even when I sat upright. After 15 minutes, the facial mask is still very moist and it didn't slip off my face. It is very convenient to do other things while using this facial mask. Even though there's a lot of essence in a piece of the mask, the essence didn't drip down my face, so there's no messiness encountered while using it.

This facial mask has a pleasant strawberry candy scent which reminded me of Sophie Monk's Strawberry Bye Bye Blackhead Set. The scent of both product is pretty similar.

After using for 15 minutes, here's how my skin looks. 
Before using this facial mask, I have dry, dull looking skin with visible pores. My pores are quite huge lately so I could notice that my pores were visibly smaller after use. My skin is also more hydrated and slightly smoother in texture. Brightening and hydrating results were more visible in my case. Using 2-3 times a week is highly recommended to observe longer lasting results.

There is still a lot of essence left on my skin after removing the facial mask and after massaging, the essence got absorbed into my skin within seconds and no stickiness was felt. Thumbs up on this.

Overall, my experience with this facial mask is quite satisfying. The essence feels light-weight and got easily absorbed by my skin. However, I do hope that the results could be longer lasting instead of just 1-2 days.

My rating: 3.5/5

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Hope you will also love this product and enjoy using it! ^_^

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