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Review: Kate's Spring Summer 2012 Makeup Collection + FOTD

Stepping away from the dramatic hues of Fall Winter to embrace the softer and more lustrous colours of Spring Summer, the Kate Spring Summer Collection focuses largely on creating softly shaded, lightly textured and contoured eyes fabulous for those lazy sunny days. 

 This collection welcomes a couple of new products to the shelves such as the eyeshadow palettes known as Kate Real Create Eyes, the mascara known as Kate Art Dial Mascara and the relaunched eyeliner known as Kate Super Sharp Liner.
(*You may click on the images below for larger view.)

In this post I will be sharing about the 3 products stated above.

First up, I will be sharing about the Kate Real Create Eyes, a fiveshade eye shadow palette designed specially to create large “real 3D” eyes through a fine balance of light and dark colours (S$27)

The palette consists of Clear Jelly which increases translucency and lustre, Clear Real Colour that contains light-transmitting pearl powder, and three gradation monotone colours to create deeply contoured eyes. Kate Real Create Eyes comes in five colours, pink, brown, orange, green and blue.  

Images below show the eye shadow palette and swatches taken without flash (left) and with flash (right). 

These shimmery eye shadows are great for creating the enlarge eye effect and it isn't very pigmented, so it gives the natural look on the eye. Here's the LOTD created with Kate's Spring Summer 2012 Makeup Collection.

Here's how we go about using this eye shadow palette. 

I did my eye makeup according to the guidelines given and here's the look that I managed to achieve using the eye shadow palette together with Kate Super Sharp Liner.

Taken with flash.

I love the shimmers of this eye shadow palette which created the stunning and seemingly effortless au naturale look. The clear jelly is very creamy and it glides onto the eyelid easily, however, when the eyelid turns a little oily due to perspiration, I noticed that the colours started to fade, so it turns out that it is not possible to apply this eye shadow without applying an eye primer. For the rest of the colours, they come in pressed fine powder form which are very easy to apply onto the eyelid and blend out the colours.

The eye shadow palette also comes with a soft eye shadow applicator which is super nice to use!

My rating: 4/5

Moving on to the Kate Art Dial Mascara (S$27).
This is my first time seeing mascara of such design. The Kate Art Dial Mascara is fitted with a tilted comb applicator which feels rubbery and soft. It helps to lengthen, maximise and curl lashes all at once. The comb allows excellent lash separation, preventing possible clumping while fully coating each strand evenly. The mascara also dries pretty fast, so there's no worrying of staining the eyelid when you open your eyes. The Kate Art Dial Mascara also prevents the mascara from drying up prematurely by a special twisting mechanism that dispenses fluid only when the dial-comb is turned.

Here's the colour of the mascara taken without flash and with flash. I love the super black colour of this mascara.

Applying the mascara onto my lashes and viola! My lashes lengthened and thickened!

Length of lashes without applying Kate Art Dial Mascara.

Length of lashes after applying Kate Art Dial Mascara.

I find that Kate Art Dial Mascara did help to lengthen and volumise the lashes very well, and it did not result in clumping of the lashes. The mascara also dry up pretty fast. Thumbs up on these. However, the downside is that I would sometimes dispense too much of the mascara as I'm not sure how many times I have to turn the 'dial' to dispense a suitable amount, hence resulting in wastage when too much is dispensed. It is difficult to apply to the lower lashes without staining my face when there's too much of the mascara on the comb.

My rating: 3/5

Lastly, it would be the Kate Super Sharp Liner (S$17)

Kate SuperSharp Liner is available in three colours, jet black, natural black, and natural brown. The colour I have is in natural black, so as you can see from the swatch below, the colour of the black isn't very intense. The lighter black colour was drawn with one stroke, so that is the original colour of the natural black for Kate. The darker black was drawn with three strokes.

The Kate Super Sharp Liner comes with an ultra thin brush that enables the finest lines to be drawn smoothly. 

This eyeliner is an improved version under Kate, hence higher fade-resistance has been achieved via a newly developed sebum-forming agent, making Kate Super Sharp Liner impervious to sweat and moisture, but do note that this eyeliner is not waterproof, so smudging does occur when your eyelid gets a little greasy.

My rating: 2.5/5

There are already various Kate Cosmetics ranges available in Singapore's market and I personally love their eye shadows ranges. If you are interested in Kate Cosmetics, the latest Kate collections are available at selected BHG, Guardian Pharmacy, OG, John Little, Metro, Nishino Pharmacy, Sasa Cosmetics and Watsons.

Do check out Kate latest collections!

Thanks for reading.

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