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Leaders InSolution Bloggers Event!

This post came a little late as I bury myself under stacks of work. The busy life will continue for many more weeks but I've taken 3 days break from work before I get my engine going again. 2 to 3 hours of sleep a day is making me go berserk, so while I get break from work, I'm going to work on my delayed posts. 

Today I'm writing about the Leaders InSolution Bloggers Event which happened on 18 Feb. Yes, I know it happened long ago but at least I still remember that I have to write about this, so yup, here it goes.

This event was organised by Cossy and The Sample Store, and I was really happy that I could make it to this event. The event was held at Raindrops Cafe, located at *Scape. I didn't know that there's such a place at *Scape before this event as the Cafe was positioned right at the back of *Scape and I think hardly anyone will walk towards that direction.

The ambience of the place is really good, very quiet, very cosy, very beautifully decorated and I like this place very much.

Displayed on the desks were the Leaders Insolution Facial Masks and yes, it you still remember, I shared my reviews about these masks before.
We were given a sticker to represent that we are the guests of this event.
And we were given a goodie bag consisting of Leaders Insolution Facial Masks and other Leaders Insolution products during the event. 
I went back, took out the Aloe Soothing facial mask, tried it once again, and fell in love with the mask again. I've tried numerous facial masks before and I used to love My Beauty Diary facial mask but after using Leaders Insolution, I know it's time to say good-bye to MBD. And that's why Leaders Insolution Facial Masks became the Number 1 selling facial masks in Korea, used and highly recommended by many Korean celebrities.

So after waiting for awhile, the event commenced with a slight introduction of the various types of Leaders Insolution Facial Mask. They have a wide range available to suit different kind types, be it dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, aging skin, sensitive skin etc., you can always find the right facial mask to suit your personal skin conditions.

There was also a demonstration done on 2 different brightening facial mask. One facial mask from Brand X and the other is Leaders Insolution Mela-Tox facial mask.
The facial mask on the left of this picture belongs to Brand X and on the right, it is the Leaders Insolution Mela-Tox facial mask.

Both facial masks were cut into half and placed on Yijing's face.
The facial mask on the left of Yijing's face belongs to Brand X and on the right of Yijing's face is the Leaders Insolution Mela-Tox facial mask. You will notice that Leaders Insolution Mela-Tox facial mask is thinner and it sits on the face perfectly, allowing your skin to absorb as much essence as possible to give your skin a radiant looking result.

In less than 10 mins, Brand X facial mask fell off from Yijing's face. I think it's because the facial mask is too heavy to cling on to Yijing's face.

Brand X facial mask was placed back onto Yijing's face and after 20 mins, both facial masks were removed. Yijing was told to feel her skin's texture and see if there is any difference between the 2 facial masks she just used. 
From Yijing's expression, obviously she didn't like the Brand X facial mask as she said her skin felt sticky and uncomfortable. From the results below, we could also see that her face on the left of this picture looks brighter than the right side. From her forehead, we were also able to see that there's a thin line showing the difference in skin tone after using both facial masks.

Through this demonstration, it has proven to us why Leaders Insolution Facial Mask is ranked as the Number 1 best-selling facial mask in Korea, out-beating all the other facial masks competitors. Leaders Insolution Facial Mask is sold more than 800,000 sheets every single month in Korea.

General Info about Leaders Insolution Facial Mask:
• No Paraben (preservative), No Mineral Oil, No Silicon, No Artificial Pigment
• Suitable for sensitive skin, does not clog pores
• Made from Natural Cellulose sheet (thin, silky soft and fit snugly on face, help achieve maximize absorption)
• Using newest technology and pure natural ingredients
• 8 different types of masks to suit for different skin concern
• Each type of mask contains an active ingredient that is proven to help target skin problems (i.e dull &dry, pigmented, irritated, tired, troubled skin, dehydrated, scars, wrinkles, freckles , lost of elasticity, whitening)

If you are thinking where to buy Leaders Insolution Facial Masks, the facial masks are now available in Watson outlets, and there is a current Buy 3 Get 1 FREE promotion ongoing till 28 March 2011.

I highly recommend that you get one Leaders Insolution Facial Mask to try out and see how much difference there in on your skin after using Leaders Insoultion Facial Mask. You will never regret once you tried Leaders Insolution Facial Mask.

For more information, visit
Like Leaders Insolution on : Leaders Insolution Singapore (
For overseas enquiry, please email to

During the event, we also get our hands working as we design a poster for Leaders Insolution Facial Mask.
I'm working hard on my poster and I'm designing something that shows friendship, kinship and closeness between people. As the saying goes "Good things are meant to be shared with others" so if one person knows about a really good product, they should recommend it to people closest to them 

Here's the food I enjoyed during the event but I did't manage to stay for the dessert as I had something on after that. The strawberry plain water at Raindrops Cafe is fabulous! You really got to try that if you ever decided to pop into Raindrops Cafe for a meal.

Lastly, lets sign off with group photos taken at the event.

And last but not least, a great big THANK YOU to the 3 lovely ladies for making this event possible. :)

Thanks for reading this post, and don't forget to get your hands on Leaders Insolution Facial Mask and try them! ^_^


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