Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion Peek: Pleated Obi Dress!

Pleated Obi Dress is becoming a popular hot choice this coming season! This dress flares at the bottom yet accentuates at the waist with the tiered obi sash belt, ending off with a pretty little ribbon. It feels a little Japanese style with the obi sash belt.

I wore this dress to a wedding dinner, so I opted for this brighter coral-pink shade. This is the first bright shade apparel I have in my wardrobe and I received many compliments that night. Hehe. Mummy also said that this dress makes me look fairer and gorgeous looking. 

Here are some photos which I took at the wedding dinner. I love the decorations there but I think it must have costed the couple a bomb to hold a really grand wedding dinner at Mandarin Oriental Singapore. 

A snapshot I took from their wedding album. So artistic and I like this photo very much!

There was a booth for the guests to dress up and be funky. Guests get to bring back their photos as souvenirs. 

Here's Dad and me. It's the first time Dad wore such a cool specs but he definitely looks good in it. :)

Lastly, here's a photo I took of myself while waiting for food to be served. Love how the pink got reflected onto my face. Totally adore the colour of this dress!!!

That's all for this week's Fashion Peek and do remember to check out Dressabelle for more amazing apparels coming out fresh from the oven!

Have a nice day!

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