Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Peek: Laces and Oxblood

Oh dear....Due to time constraint and other reasons, my Fashion Peek was put to halt. Actually, many things were put to halt as I struggle to get many other stuffs done, so I had to make compromises and sadly, really very sadly, writing a post was one of the many things I sacrificed in order to squeeze out more time for other priorities. I do love blogging very much, honestly. And on days when I couldn't find time to login to my blog and do some typing and drafting, I feel really sad as though I've missed someone important in my life.

But today, since it's Friday and I'm assuming that I would have the time to complete a whole list of Things-to-be-Done plus attend a wedding over the weekends, I'm going to publish the long-waited Fashion Peek and bring my Fashion Peek category back to life.

In this post, I am going to share another piece of beautiful apparel specially designed by Dressabelle's stylist, M, from sketching, to fabric selection, and I love this dress pretty much! Why? Because of the floral lace overlay panels on both the front and back, and the floaty flared skirt which is made of extremely lux gorgette chiffon! I love laces, love chiffon, love floral designs, so how can I give this apparel a miss? :)

Lace walks a delicate line between seductive and sweet, trendy and edgy, so it allows versatile switch between different styles as and when you wish. Choose to pair it with tights, or wearing a black structured blazer over, or wearing a white cardigan over, or match with studded leather jacket and you get different fashion sense instantly.

This dress is currently one of my favourite pieces and it's not sheer at all because of the thick inner lining. I wore this to the Maybelline's Product Launch and Fashion Show some time ago, and I'm just loving this dress so much for now.


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