Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prolong Hair Beauty with Keratinology By Sunsilk !

Do you know?
Changes happened in our hair the moment we step out of the door. UV rays, stress, styling and heating tools rob tresses of that salon-perfect sheen, and when hair becomes damaged, the hair develops tiny surface imperfections, lets in free radicals and suffers from colour fade and breakage. 

 With the aim to improve our hair conditions and make lifeless hair regains its beauty again, Keratinology By Sunsilk developed three revolutionary ranges: Advanced Reconstruction Program, Korean Bounce Therapy and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy

A few weeks ago, I attended Keratinology Bloggers Event organised by Sunsilk, a brand under Unilever. The event was held at Novus Restaurant located in the National Museum.
Upon arrival, I was given a choice to choose a drink, named according to Keratinology haircare ranges.

While waiting for the event to begin, I started snapping pictures of things around me. :)
Placed on our dining table were 2 products from the Advanced Reconstruction Program range that won Cosmopolitan Inaugural Beauty Awards in March issue for “Best Leave-In Hair Conditioner – Drug Store” and “Best Heat-Styling Product – Drug Store”.

I've also downloaded a free Keratinogram App to try out. The questionnaire in Keratinogram will choose the right Keratinology haircare products suitable for your hair condition and offer you instructions and directions on how to use the products.

Now, let the event begin!
Speaker of the event was Mr. Shawn Lee, the assistant brand manager of Unilever.
Mr. Shawn Lee shared with us his experience experimenting with his hair, and he told us that if we do chemical treatment to our hair continously for 7 times, our hair will melt! Mr. Shawn Lee actually tried that on his hair. OMG! I will never dare to do that to my hair!
Mr. Shawn Lee said that Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program did help his hair tranformed and became stronger and healthier after use.

How is Keratinology able to transform our hair and prolong the salon beauty of our hair?

1. Pico Techology: 1000x smaller than nano to repair up to 1 year of damage in just 5 days!
They penetrate deep into the hair’s cortex to nourish, reconstruct and restore any damaged fibres and lost protein.

2. Contain Keratin complex and active fibres that reconstruct the hair, including the Rose of Jericho – the ultimate regeneration plant. After months of lifelessness, this plant is known to restore itself to life instantly when submerged in water.

3. Designed to work in harmony with salon treatment to maintain salon-perfect hair for up to 6 weeks after treatment
 This formula also works on hair that has naturally become damaged over time due to styling and environmental changes such as pollution and sun exposure, restoring up to one year of accumulated damage in just five days!*

*Based on laboratory test as compared to non-conditioning product, when used with the complete range of Advanced Reconstruction Program.

You must be curious now, what's the difference between Advanced Reconstruction Program, Korean Bounce Therapy and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy, am I right?

Advanced Reconstruction Program can be used on lifeless, damaged hair as it penetrates deeply to intensively reconstruct your hair.
 Korean Bounce Therapy can be used to provide intensivement nourishment and keeps your pretty hair curls last longer.
 Sun Kissed Colour Therapy to be used on coloured hair to lock in the colour, so that the original dyed colour lasts longer and doesn't fade off that easily.

Keratinology by Sunsilk keeps your hair’s cycle of beauty alive.

 If you are interested to find out more about Keratinology, you may visit Keratinology Facebook Page.
And here's a contest that you can participate to win a trip to Korea for 2 and many other prizes.


After the presentation, here's the lunch we had. *Blurp* The foods were very filling but tasted average. The ones I like the most are the Carrot and Ginger Cream Soup and Red Snapper with Risotto <3

Signing off with a group shot.
Thank you Sunsilk for organising this awesome event and for providing us with the goodies. :))

Thank you everyone for reading this really long post. Hope you have found this post useful for you.

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