Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fashion Peek : Green for Spring 2012 !

A new year has arrived, Spring is slowly stepping in, your garden is turning green and flowers are blooming again. Instead of going for vibrant shades like crimson, pink, yellow, orange and flowery designs, why not stand out of the crowd with shades of green that represents life and vigour?

In Dressabelle's #255 collection, Minkoff Shirt Dress that comes with a woven tape belt caught my attention.

Besides the greenish blue shade that made me fall in love with this apparel, this shirt dress is special because of the details.

In this week's Fashion Peek, I will be sharing 3 ways of wearing this Shirt Dress.

Look 1: Simple as it is, wear it as a dress!
The most basic way of wearing a shirt dress is to wear it as it is! Tie the woven belt around your waist and end off with a pretty ribbon to add emphasis on your waist area and bring out your hour glass figure. Match the outfit with a pair of heels for work or a pair of loafers or sandals for a causal chic look and you're ready to step out of the house.

Look 2: Wear it as a top or a tunic!
For a casual weekend where you just want to chill and relax or meet up with friends at a cafe, sipping Latte and chat the afternoon away, wear the shirt dress as a top and pair it with your old school jeans or wear it as a tunic together with a pair of tights. In this Fashion Peek, I wore my shirt dress as a tunic matched with a simple long necklace and off I go to meet my friends!

Look 3: Wear it like a trench coat!
On a cold breezy day, layer this shirt dress over to keep you warm yet still dressing in style. The sleeve for this shirt dress can also be adjusted, so you can decide to wear it long sleeved when you are feeling cold or short sleeved if you prefer to.

Hope you have like my first Fashion Peek!
Do check out Dressabelle for more of their awesome collections and apparels!
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