Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: LEADERS InSolution Masks Cum Complimentary LEADERS InSolution Mask for You! :)

LEADERS InSolution Masks are tested & manufactured by South Korea skin experts (Dermatologist team). These masks are Paraben free, Relief Skin Irritation, Use Natural Preservative System and Natural thin & silky soft mask sheet. There are 8 different masks with different characteristics to suit different needs and skin types.

Thanks to Cossy for sending me these facial masks for my consideration.
The masks came in a pretty packaging, just like a Christmas present that came early.
Love the neatly tied ribbon. So pretty!

I received 5 different variations which I will be sharing my reviews about them. 
LEADERS InSolution mask is selling at S$4.99 per piece at local pharmacy but Cossy is offering a discount, so it's now S$2.80 per piece, only at Cossy.

Over a period of 1 month, I completed the use of these 10 facial mask. Here's the look of my skin before I use LEADERS InSolution Masks and for every piece of LEADERS InSolution mask that I use, I will be sharing the photo of my skin after use.
Hope this picture didn't give you a shock. LOL.
I've got very dry skin, terribly dry. And there's some redness left on my skin from previous breakouts. I have dull, lifeless looking skin too. Sigh... My skin... Sigh....

The first piece I'm reviewing is the LEADERS InSolution Aquaringer facial mask.
This facial mask is said to give your skin long-lasting hydration, diminishes dead skin cells and promotes skin turnover. 
My thoughts:
In my first use, this facial mask seems to hydrate my skin well but sadly, only temporary. When I woke up the next day, I find my skin looking dehydrated again. However, when I use this facial mask daily, I could see improvement in my skin as my T-zone no longer shine as much as before and my makeup was able to apply smoothly on my skin and my stay on my skin for longer hours. There's something that I'm quite puzzled when using this facial mask because I experienced a little heaty feeling with this facial mask and my skin looks a little pinkish after use as you can see from my photo above. Did this facial mask help to diminish dead skin cells and promotes skin turnover? I can't really tell, I guess more uses would be needed to see the results.
My rating: 3.5/5

Next, I'm reviewing the LEADERS InSolution Aloe Soothing facial mask.
The facial mask is said to provide skin hydration, skin soothing, and it calms and balances irritated skin.
My thoughts:
In my opinion, this facial mask is very hydrating, I find it more hydrating than the LEADERS InSolution Aquaringer facial mask as my skin still looks hydrated the next morning. I could see that my pores are smaller and skin feels so much smoother after use. It also helped to reduce the redness of my skin and calms my sensitive skin. The soothing floral, slight green tea scent is also able to calm me down. This is an excellent facial mask that I highly recommend. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this facial mask as it seems to work really well on my skin
My rating: 4.5/5

Next, I will be reviewing the LEADERS InSolution AC-Dressing facial mask.

This mask is said to be able to control sebum, clears dead skin cells, reduce minor scars of troubled spots and soothe the skin.
My thoughts:
 My skin looked slightly hydrated, redness slightly reduced and it also helped to soothe my skin but whether did it work to control sebum, clear dead skin cells, reduce minor scars of troubled spots, it's still too early to tell as I've only 2 pieces to try out. Generally, I find this a so-so facial mask.
My rating: 2.5/5

Next, I will be reviewing the LEADERS InSolution Vita Bright facial mask.
This mask is said to brighten overall skin tones and promote clearer, even skin tones. 
My thoughts:
Did it brighten my skin? Yes, my skin looks more luminous and clearer after use. After using this facial mask, I noticed that my face became slightly fairer than my neck but sadly, the brightening effect only lasted for a few hours.
Did it hydrate my skin? So-so. It hydrates my skin a little but because I've got very dry skin, my pores were still visibly huge after using this facial mask. I find this facial mask isn't hydrating enough for my skin.
My rating: 3/5

Lastly, I will be reviewing the LEADERS InSolution Mela-tox facial mask.
This mask is said to enhance skin whitening effect and it makes your skin the radiant and youthful.
My thoughts: 
I love this facial mask loads as it works awesomely well in whitening my skin and the whitening effect lasted longer than the Vita Bright facial mask. The moment I peel off the facial mask, I went OMG! I really couldn't believe that my skin had turned fairer and much radiant within minutes, and I couldn't stop looking at my skin in the mirror. I danced for joy like a little girl. I am very satisfied with the whitening effect but I hope this facial mask could give my skin more hydration, only till then this would become my perfect facial mask. 
My rating: 4/5

After reading my reviews, would you like to try out  LEADERS InSolution Masks for yourself? Then go on to Cossy facebook page to redeem your complimentary full size LEADERS InSolution Mask. Redemption is valid till 21 Dec 2011, so hurry before it's over!

Christmas is coming in another 5 days time. Ho ho ho... Can you hear Santa coming soon?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Cossy, Singapore. I am not getting paid for sharing my reviews. All reviews are my personal experiences and opinions.

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