Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review: Beautilicious Strawberry Shake Milk Bath

Hi peeps, how have you people been? I hope everyone has been doing great but these few days hadn't been good for me as I'm down with fever and flu soon after Christmas, and though Christmas is over, there's still a reindeer (me) in the house. My ever flowing running nose is giving me a hard time, making my nose hurts and looking red from all the blowing of the nose, and the medicines are making me lethargy. Anyways, Christmas is over and we will be inviting the New Year soon! Yays to more holidays and I hope I have better health and stronger immune system in the New Year. And, better health and more wealth to everyone!


Today, I will be sharing a review for Beautilicious Strawberry Shake Milk Bath which I won in a giveaway, and since there are requests to review this product, so here it is!
The packaging and design of this product looks simply gorgeous and I thought it would be a product made from America or England but it turned out otherwise. Anyway, this product is under an England brand called Baylis and Harding, so I wasn't expecting that this product would be made in China but it did. *Gasp* I am getting afraid of China products after hearing and reading various news reports about China's inferior quality products not meeting safety measures appeared in the market.
The direction of use is to pour into bath under warm running water yet in the Caution section it says, use only as directed, excessive use or prolonged exposure can cause irritation to skin or urinary tract. If rash, redness or itching occurs, discontinue use.

After reading the Caution section, I never dare to pour this product into my bath. I didn't want my skin to get prolonged exposed to this product or experience any irritation especially when the ingredients used in this product were not specified, so while using, I use it like a shower gel, rubbing some of it on my wet skin then rinse off quickly.

Here's how the product looks:
The image taken with flash has the colour closest to original. It comes in sweet pink shade with shiny, glittery appearance.

I've tried pouring it into the bath under running water and it forms lots of bubbles which would be great for bubble bath if this product is safe for use. However, it doesn't give lots of bubbles when lathering with wet hands. When pouring out the product, it gives a very strong sweet scent that reminds me of the energy drink Red Bull yet while rubbing it on my skin, the scent turned out like Dutch Lady's Strawberry milk. 
After rinsing off the product, the strawberry milk scent lingers on the skin for a short few minutes. There isn't anything fascinating about this product, but I am glad that I did not experience any form of irritation from using this product yet.

ok, that's all for now. Thanks for looking.

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