Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beauté Pacifique , Danish World Class Skin Care Launched in Singapore

Famed for reversing aging and removing scars through unique Vitamin A esters, Danish Dermacosmetic brand Beauté Pacifique debuts in Asia with its first stopover in Singapore.

It was my privilege to be invited to the launch of Beauté Pacifique. Beauté Pacifique launches 31 facial and body products in Singapore together with some of its internationally acclaimed products such as "Crème Paradoxe", a super potent anti-aging day cream, "Super3 Booster", a vitamin A anti-wrinkle booster, and the popular "Mousse Nettoyant", a cleansing foam.
Beauté Pacifique patented a system to deliver Vitamin A Esters deep into the dermis of the skin to strengthen and rebuild collagen fibres, and through this, rejuvenate and repair the skin from the inside out.
Beauté Pacifique A-vitamin products are clinically proven to reduce age degeneration, sun damage and stretch marks and are suitable for both young and mature skins.

During the event, everyone was invited to do a face scan with the medical Ultrasound Derma Scan machine.
The medical Ultrasound Derma Scan machine is an equipment that tracks the changes within the skin from the surface across the entire depth, indicating the density of the elastic fibre structure of the skin.
That's Ms. Vivi explaining how our skin structure changes over time and how we can track the changes of our skin with the use of Ultrasound Derma Scan machine.
Bright colours indicate intact structure and black colour beneath the surface of the skin represents sun damage i.e. loss of sub-epidermal collagen structure.

I did my scan and my result terrified me. I've taken lots of care for my skin for many years but it looks like my scan result didn't turn out satisfactory. :'(
On the bottom left is the scan result of Ms. Joanna's skin. Ms. Joanna is the director of Beaute Lab Pte Ltd, who owns distributorship rights in Asia. We had a long chat during the launch and she spoke with lots of confidence and enthusiasm about Beauté Pacifique products and their promising results. She told me that even her family are avid users of Beauté Pacifique products. Her 13-year old son uses Beauté Pacifique cleansing foam and Super3 Booster to keep his hormonal acne at bay and her 12-year old son uses Beauté Pacifique X-Tra Sry Skin Fix to control his eczema. On the bottom right is my scan result. Comparing my result with Ms. Joanna's skin, my skin result looks horrible! I was told that the reasons for my damaged skin structure could be due to my acne problem during teenage and too frequent sun exposure. I love to sun tan when I was 15-18 years old. I remember vividly that I was very active in sports then. Too much sun exposure for my skin was my biggest mistake.

That's us listening attentively to Ms. Joanna and we were provided more information about Beauté Pacifique.
I won't be going into too much details about Beauté Pacifique and its products for now as I will be trying 3 Beauté Pacifique products for months and share my reviews after that. I'm looking forward to see transformations on my skin.
The products that I will be using are: 
Mousse Nettoyant (Cleansing Foam),
Super3 Booster (Vitamin A Anti-wrinkle Booster),
Creme Paradox (Anti-aging Day Creme).

Lastly, here's a group shot of the Beauté Pacifique team. They are a bunch of friendly people who are most willing to share and assist. I've felt very comfortable with them and I've enjoyed myself a lot at the launch. Thank you so much Beauté Pacifique team! ◕ ‿ ◕ 
Beauté Pacifique products will be available on from 15 December 2011 onwards. Prices range from S$41 to S$180. The retail location will be confirmed by early 2012, kicking off its Asia footprints.

You can also find out more information about Beauté Pacifique products from their website:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my reviews in months to come.
◕ ‿ ◕


  1. sounds promising! suitable for all skin types?

  2. I was told that their products work for all skin types. :)


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