Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush (Minus Ion, Periodontal Ultra and Pinpoint)

I guess you must have been confused by the title of this post. What is Sonic Toothbrush? What is Minus Ion? What is Periodontal Ultra? What is Pinpoint? Well, I will be covering information about these different brush heads and about HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush in this post.

Some time ago, I was sent a HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush together with the Periodontal Ultra Brush Head and Pinpoint Brush Head for my review purposes. The toothbrush itself is called the HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush and because the Brush Head is different, hence you have the different names like HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush, HAPICA Periodontal Ultra Sonic Toothbrush and HAPICA Pinpoint Sonic Toothbrush
About HAPICA Sonic Toothbrushes
HAPICA toothbrushes were launched in 1986 in Japan and became a huge hit due to its superior dental cleansing ability and high durability at an affordable price. 100% Japan made, the uncompromised quality from material selection, design and construction of HAPICA sonic toothbrushes to HAPICA’s patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology earned international recognition and approval from various dental associations around the world.

Firstly, let me introduce the HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush.
Minus Ion Brush Head comes in an ultra fine and soft bristles that cleanse the gum and teeth better than normal toothbrush. I guess the information shared below will give you a much better idea about HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush. (You may click on the images below to get a clearer view.)
The Negative ions and Far infrared work in the HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush to give you whiter, cleaner teeth, no bad breath and improve your gum health. HAPICA’s vibrations per minute is 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute, clinically proven to be more effective than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute. The vibration makes my fingers feel numb after I'm done with my brushing. And if you think that the vibrations will give you face massage, don't even think about it because it simply doesn't work. 

HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush has been clinically proven to remove plaque better than normal toothbrush and gives us healthier gum. Plaque makes our teeth looks yellowish and ugly, and makes our breath stinks when our mouths are dry. 

Antibacterial! That's what all of us need! I don't think we want to consume bacteria into our stomachs. I know, you will say that there's acid in our stomachs to kill those bacteria BUT it's always better to be safe. Getting rid of the bacteria also gives us healthier gums. :)

HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush works to give us superior cleansing experience.

At the bottom of the toothbrush is the switch which is super easy to turn it on and off.

Here's what you get after you dismantle the HAPICA Minus Ion Sonic Toothbrush.
The toothbrush works on a single AA battery and on the extreme left is the Minus Ion Brush Head which you can replace with the Periodontal Ultra Brush Head or Pinpoint Brush Head according to your needs.

I'm going to show you the difference between the 3 brush heads before I move on to introduce about the Periodontal Ultra and Pinpoint Brush Heads.
Pinpoint Brush Head works almost like normal flossing but it is much easier to use on the Sonic Toothbrush. It also comes with a cap for hygiene purpose. (Scroll down to read information about Pinpoint Brush Head.)
  Periodontal Ultra Brush Head is smaller in size than the Minus Ion Brush Head and the bristles are finer too which helps to reach out to every part of our teeth to thoroughly cleanse them. (Scroll down to read information about Pinpoint Brush Head.)

Now, I am going to introduce the Periodontal Ultra Brush Head.
Periodontal Ultra Brush Head is best recommended for sensitive gums as it works very gently on the teeth and gum. I have pretty sensitive gums so I can never use toothbrush with hard bristles as it will only result in gum bleeding and swelling. I am glad to say that Periodontal Ultra Brush Head works really well on me. 

Below are some information about Periodontal Ultra Brush Head which you might find useful.

Next, I am going to introduce the Pinpoint Brush Head.
I have gaps between my teeth and every time I eat food with fibre like oranges and vegetable, I always get the fibre stuck in those gaps. I think I have to put on braces to shift my teeth closer. It is very irritating and troublesome to floss out the food but with Pinpoint Brush Head, it makes things must easier for me. The only trouble is having to bring the HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush around, so sometimes I just use the Pinpoint Brush Head like a toothpick without the HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush. However, the result is still better when use with the HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush.

Below are some information about Pinpoint Brush Head which you might find useful.

Here are the before and after photos after I've used HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush with Minus Ion, Periodontal Ultra and Pinpoint Brush Heads. 
(Sorry about the ugly looking dry lips.)
If you look closely at the Before Photo, you can see plaque on my teeth and my teeth are yellowish. I love my teeth much more now after using HAPICA Toothbrush. Cheers to whiter looking teeth and healthier gum! :)

HAPICA Prices and Availability
Available in Watsons from 20 October onwards
Minus Ion (Sonic Toohbrush + Minus Ion Brush Head):  $18.90
Periodontal Ultra (Sonic Toohbrush + Periodontal Ultra Brush Head): $16.90
Pinpoint (Sonic Toohbrush + Pinpoint Brush Head): $15.90

HAPICA brush heads are interchangeable with any HAPICA toothbrush body.
Minus Ion brush heads: $11.90
Periodontal Ultra brush heads: $10.90
Pinpoint brush heads: $10.90

For more information/enquiries about HAPICA Sonic Toothbrush, check out Lifestream Group Website. Join AFC Facebook Fanpage for the latest promotions.

Lastly, here are some FAQs about HAPICA.

Thanks for reading! :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to AFC Japan and Lifestream Group, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.


  1. Hi Pat! My teeth are not exactly white in colour now but definitely much less yellowish as compared to previously. Try it out Pat! You will love it too! ^_^


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